Harry Partch ‎– The Harry Partch Collection Volume 3

New World Records ‎– 80623-2
CD, Compilation


1 The Dreamer That Remains - A Study In Loving (1972) 10:29
2 Rotate The Body In All Its Planes - Ballad For Gymnasts (1961) 8:51
3 Windsong (1958) 11:36
Water! Water! - An Intermission With Prologues And Epilogues (1961) (Excerpts Selected By The Composer)
4 The Opening Prologue, And The Second Prologue, In Which The Instruments Attack The Producer 2:59
5 Water Criers And Lead-In Lines, O What Could He Do But Pick Her Up? (Jazzmen) 4:04
6 Water Criers And Lead-In Lines, Witch For Water (Witches) / The Aldermen’s Fugue On No. Wanda The Water Witch (Jazzmen) 5:59
7 Santa Mystiana The Beautiful (Her Honor And Conductor) 2:39
8 Water Criers. Visitors From Strange And Foreign Places: The Singer From Spoleto, And An Alabama Mockingbird - Dear Old Alabama 2:02
9 We Really Love Each Other. In 43 Whines To The Octave (Aldermen, Ladies’ Auxiliary, Jazzmen, Witches) 1:41
10 Water Criers. The Baseball Game Is Called On Account Of Rain! 3:17
11 To Hell With The Game! Rain! Rain! The Highest Goodness Is Like Water (Whole Ensemble) 2:26
12 Opening Epilogue (After Three Days Of Rain). Ghosts, Undele, Oomph! / (The Indian Ghosts Dance Over Clarence’s Body And Play On Liquor Bottles) 2:56
13 Water Criers. Intervening Dialogue. We’ll Sue You For A Million! (Her Honor And Jazzmen) 3:03
14 Do-Lo-Do-Lo --- Doom! (Aldermen, Ladies, And Ghosts) / Phoebus Bids Farewell. The Indian Runners Bring News. The Final Song And Dance, Gone, Man, Gone! (Whole Ensemble). With The Descending Moan Of The Siren Phoebus Plunges Wildly Into Nothingness. 4:55
15 Eighth Epilogue - The Producer Finally Silences The Instruments. / Final Epilogue: “The Highest Goodness Is Like Water.” 1:48