Helene (4) ‎– Náströnd

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1 Náströnd 35:50


"I know a hall standing
far from the sun,
In Nástrand:
the doors to northward are turned;
Venom-drops falls
down from the roof-holes;
That hall is bordered
with backs of serpents.
There are doomed to wade
the weltering streams
Men that are mansworn,
and they that murderers are.
But it is worst in Hvergelmir:
There the cursed snake tears
dead men's corpses.

NÁSTRÖND is a half hour long excursion from the guts of hell to a private, exotic heaven. Listen to this right before the sun rises, so it might carry you with it. Fragments of the piece were recorded throughout December of 2011, other fragments are creative commons recordings collected through the month, and others are live recordings performed by me and assembled on the dawn of Christmas morning.
I was greatly inspired by NASA's voyager's recording series "Symphonies of the Planets".

Some of the items used to produce tone:

Voyager recordings of Saturn's rings
Re-tuned and bowed Mandolin
Sine wave oscillator with panning envelope
Telephone wire and magnetic contact microphone
Raw data of all the text from Völuspá
Raw data of the word HELENE repeated six hundred and sixty six times
Field recordings of Grecian church services
Native instruments Massive VSTi
Various granular synthesis tones mapped by images of depictions of hell in classical art
A postcard from hell"