Hell Bovine ‎– The Dire Diner's Diary Of Diahrrea: A Collection Of Mouth Watering Abominations

42 × File, MP3, Album


1 Melted Bowel And Organ Salad With Olive Oil And Chunks Of Grilled Brain Matter 1:45
2 Deviled Brain Delicacies, With A Dash Of Paprika, Chives And Eyeballs 0:46
3 Human Skull Cereal Bowl Filled With Crunchy Wheat Things Soaked In Rotting Demonic Bovine "Milk" 1:04
4 Disgusting, Rotted, Vomit-Soaked Hands Smothered In Foul-Smelling Soy Sauce 0:34
5 Charred Fast Food Houres D'voures, Sprinkled With Regurgitated Fingernails Of People Afflicted With Pica 1:31
6 Enchilaburritacodillas, Containing The Aftermath Of An Explosive Cannibalistic Food Fight 1:02
7 Gore Sandwich With Goretato Salad Topped With An Intense Desire To Murder A Nearby Lifeform 0:59
8 Obliteration Of The Soft Palate By Intense Burning Mexican Food 0:48
9 Severed Helping Hands That Laugh At You As They Travel Down Your Esophagus 0:40
10 Regurgitated Blood Broth Soup, With Stewed Tomatoes And Offal Chunks 0:59
11 Decapitation Beach Volleyball 1:13
12 Lamb Offal Patty, Cooked On A Grill With Onions And Topped With Glow-In-The-Dark Cheese Product 1:04
13 Chicken Gore Soup With Magical Fairyland Talking Mushrooms 0:37
14 Hot Dog Burger Taco Casserole, Deep-Fried And Splattered With Scalding, Flesh-Melting Butter 0:36
15 Baked Flesh Potato Chips With Fresh Sewage Salsa (The Chunky Kind) 0:42
16 Traumatizing Flesh Burger Made From The Smiles Of Conniving Space Clowns 0:54
17 Eskimo Blubber Slurpee With Whipped Cream (Or Sour Cream, Not Like It Matters) 0:52
18 Finger Lickin' Good Scientologist-Cannibal Salad, With Bacon, A Surgically Removed Appendix And Mechanically Separated Chicken 1:23
19 Flayed Vermin Projectiles Launched In Your Mouth With A Trebuchet Constructed Entirely Out Of Human Femurs 0:56
20 Splattered Cranial Remains Of Some Pour Soul Who Listened To R. Black's "Friday" And J. Bieber's "Baby" One Too Many Times 0:37
21 Intestinal Spaghetti With Sulphuric Wine Vinegarette And Questionable Foliage-Based Toppings 0:42
22 Pre-Digested Pizza Burger In Human Bile, Served With A Variety Of Ungodly, Indescribably Inhumane Toppings 1:07
23 The Hungry Hungry Emaciated Vegetarian Cannibal Salad Made From Meat-Eating Plants 1:51
24 Oodles Of Poodles, Mutilated And Made To Look Like Noodles 0:50
25 Fish That Smell Like Feet (100% Bird Nest) 0:27
26 Slow-Roasted Wildebeest Tenderloin, Cut Into Four Triangles, Served On A Melted Plastic Plate, With A Dash Of Gravy Butt-Butter 2:34
27 Severed Leg Recovered From Demon-Infested Lands, Tenderized And Soaked In Childrens' Tears And Horseradish (Mr. Wirt Approves) 0:54
28 Indiana Jones' Intestinal Rope 1:05
29 Glittery Vampire Blood Slurpee Sundae (With Extra Cherries) 0:56
30 Mashed Eyeballs With Singed Eyebrow Hair Catsup 1:21
31 Ring Around The Toilet (Onion Rings From Unspeakable Places) 0:48
32 Hollowed Out Heads, Brought To A Slow Broil In The Jacuzzi With Carrots & Onions 1:45
33 Stuffed Pancreas Surprise (Pockets That Are Hot) 0:47
34 Rib Cannon Held Together With Radioactive Meat Glue Recovered From The 9th Level Of Traitors And Murderers 0:54
35 Sentient Zombie Tacos With A Side Of Deep-Fried Ranch Dressing 0:10
36 Delicious Fried Egg Burger, Made By A Blind Recovering Alcoholic With Leprosy And Attention Deficit Disorder 1:18
37 Apricot Chicken With Asparagus, Sprinkled With Teflon Flakes And Burnt-On Cheese 0:53
38 Diabetic Carnivore Cannibal Zombie Apocalypse Meat Cream (Mr. Brimley Approves) 0:37
39 Armaggedon Super Fun Time Ice Cream Slamwich 0:34
40 Rocky Road Corny Chocolate Abomination 0:34
41 Flesh Ke-Bobs, Grilled And Served On Recycled Hercules Hooks 0:34
42 Filet-O-Brains Sandwich With Boiled Carnivorous Oysters And Vampiric Butt-Faced Creatures Of The Abyss 2:30



All tracks originally recorded in 2012. Released as a free download on the artist's Bancamp page.