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2 × CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 128-192 kbps

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Helloween 1985 (Mini LP)
1-1 Helloween Starlight
1-2 Helloween Murderer
1-3 Helloween Warrior
1-4 Helloween Victim Of Fate
1-5 Helloween Cry For Freedom
Walls Of Jericho 1985
1-6 Helloween Walls Of Jericho+02-Ride The Sky
1-7 Helloween Reptile
1-8 Helloween Guardians
1-9 Helloween Phantoms Of Death
1-10 Helloween Metal Invaders
1-11 Helloween Gorgar
1-12 Helloween Heavy Metal
1-13 Helloween How Many Tears
Keeper Of Seventh Keys Part I 1987
1-14 Helloween Initiation
1-15 Helloween I'm Alive
1-16 Helloween A Little Time
1-17 Helloween Twilight Of The Gods
1-18 Helloween A Tale That Wasn't Right
1-19 Helloween Judas (Kai Hansen)
1-20 Helloween Future World
1-21 Helloween Halloween
1-22 Helloween Follow The Sign
Keeper Of Seventh Keys Part II 1988
1-23 Helloween Invitation
1-24 Helloween Eagle Fly Free
1-25 Helloween You Always Walk Alone
1-26 Helloween Rise And Fall
1-27 Helloween Dr. Stein
1-28 Helloween We Got The Right
1-29 Helloween Save Us
1-30 Helloween March Of Time
1-31 Helloween I Want Out
1-32 Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Live In The UK 1989
1-33 Helloween A Little Time
1-34 Helloween Dr. Stein
1-35 Helloween Future World
1-36 Helloween Rise And Fall
1-37 Helloween We Got The Right
1-38 Helloween I Want Out
1-39 Helloween How Many Tears
Pink Bubbles Go Ape 1991
1-40 Helloween Pink Buble Go Ape
1-41 Helloween Kids Of The Century
1-42 Helloween Back On The Streets
1-43 Helloween Number One
1-44 Helloween Heavy Metal Hamsters
1-45 Helloween Goin´ Home
1-46 Helloween Someone´s Crying
1-47 Helloween Mankind
1-48 Helloween I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man
1-49 Helloween The Chance
1-50 Helloween Your Turn
Chameleon 1993
1-51 Helloween First Time
1-52 Helloween When The Sinner
1-53 Helloween I Don't Wanna Cry No More
1-54 Helloween Crazy Cat
1-55 Helloween Giants
1-56 Helloween Windmill
1-57 Helloween Revolution Now
1-58 Helloween In The Night
1-59 Helloween Music
1-60 Helloween Step Out Of Hell
1-61 Helloween I Believe
1-62 Helloween Longing
Master Of The Rings 1994
1-63 Helloween Irritation
1-64 Helloween Sole Survivor
1-65 Helloween Where The Rain Grows
1-66 Helloween Why
1-67 Helloween Mr Ego
1-68 Helloween Perfect Gentleman
1-69 Helloween The Game Is On
1-70 Helloween Secret Alibi
1-71 Helloween Take Me Home
1-72 Helloween In The Middle Of A Heartbeat
1-73 Helloween Still We Go
The Time Of The Oath 1996
1-74 Helloween We Burn
1-75 Helloween Steel Tormentor
1-76 Helloween Wake Up The Mountain
1-77 Helloween Power
1-78 Helloween Forever And One
1-79 Helloween Befor The War
1-80 Helloween A Million To One
1-81 Helloween Anything My Mama Don't Like
1-82 Helloween Kings Will Be Kings
1-83 Helloween Mission Motherland
1-84 Helloween If I Knew
1-85 Helloween The Time Of The Oath
1-86 Helloween Still I Don't Know (Bonus)
1-87 Helloween Take It To The Limit (Bonus)
Better Than Raw 1998
1-88 Helloween Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude Period In Z
1-89 Helloween Push
1-90 Helloween Falling Higher
1-91 Helloween Hey Lord
1-92 Helloween Don't Spit On My Mind
1-93 Helloween Revelation
1-94 Helloween Time
1-95 Helloween I Can
1-96 Helloween A Handful Of Pain
1-97 Helloween Lavdate Dominvm
1-98 Helloween Back On The Ground(Bonus)
1-99 Helloween Midnight Sun
Metal Jukebox 1999
1-100 Helloween He's A Woman-She's A Man
1-101 Helloween Locomotive Breath
1-102 Helloween Lay All Your Love On Me
1-103 Helloween Space Oddity
1-104 Helloween From Out Of Nowhere
1-105 Helloween All My Loving
1-106 Helloween Hocus Pocus
1-107 Helloween Faith Healer
1-108 Helloween Juggernaut
1-109 Helloween White Room
1-110 Helloween Mexican
1-111 Helloween Rat Bat Blue(Bonus)
The Dark Ride 2000
1-112 Helloween Beyond The Portal (Intro)
1-113 Helloween Mr Torture
1-114 Helloween All Over The Nations
1-115 Helloween Escalation 666
1-116 Helloween Mirror, Mirror
1-117 Helloween If I Could Fly
1-118 Helloween Salvation
1-119 Helloween The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)
1-120 Helloween I Live For Your Pain
1-121 Helloween We Damn The Night
1-122 Helloween Immortal
1-123 Helloween The Dark Ride
Rabbit Don't Come Easy 2003
1-124 Helloween Just A Little Sign
1-125 Helloween Open Your Life
1-126 Helloween The Tune
1-127 Helloween Never Be A Star
1-128 Helloween Liar
1-129 Helloween Sun 4 The World
1-130 Helloween Don't Stop Being Crazy
1-131 Helloween Do You Feel Good
1-132 Helloween Hell Was Made In Heaven
1-133 Helloween Back Against The Wall
1-134 Helloween Listen To The Flies
1-135 Helloween Nothing To Say
1-136 Helloween Far Away
Keeper Of The Seven Keys (The Legacy) 2005
1-137 Helloween The King For A 1000 Years
1-138 Helloween The Invisible Man
1-139 Helloween Born On Judgment Day
1-140 Helloween Pleasure Drone
1-141 Helloween Mrs. God
1-142 Helloween Silent Rain
1-143 Helloween Occasion Avenue
1-144 Helloween Light The Universe
Featuring – Candice Night
1-145 Helloween Do You Know What You Are Fighting For
1-146 Helloween Come Alive
1-147 Helloween Shade In The Shadow
1-148 Helloween Get It Up
1-149 Helloween My Life For One More Day
1000 Years Away 1997
2-1 Andi Deris 1000 Years Away
2-2 Andi Deris Somewhere, Someday, Someway
2-3 Andi Deris We're Riding The Light
Come In From The Rain 1997
2-4 Andi Deris House Of Pleasure
2-5 Andi Deris Come In From The Rain
2-6 Andi Deris Think Higher
2-7 Andi Deris Good Bye Jenny
2-8 Andi Deris The King Of 7 Eyes
2-9 Andi Deris Foreign Rainbow
2-10 Andi Deris Somewhere, Someday, Someway
2-11 Andi Deris They Wait
2-12 Andi Deris Now That I Know This Ain't Love
2-13 Andi Deris Could I Leave Forever
2-14 Andi Deris 1000 Years Away
Done By Mirrores 1999
2-15 Andi Deris Let Your Love Fly Free
2-16 Andi Deris Dangerous
2-17 Andi Deris The Best You Don't Need To Pay For
2-18 Andi Deris Harvest
2-19 Andi Deris Free
2-20 Andi Deris Did It All For You
2-21 Andi Deris A Little Bit More Each Day
2-22 Andi Deris I Don't Believe In The Good
2-23 Andi Deris Patient
2-24 Andi Deris Back Again
2-25 Andi Deris Child Of My Fear
2-26 Andi Deris Do You Really Wanna Know
I Remember 1997
2-27 Roland Grapow I Remember
2-28 Roland Grapow Dedicated To
2-29 Roland Grapow Memories
2-30 Roland Grapow Hold On
The Four Seasons Of Life 1997
2-31 Roland Grapow Prelude No1-Presto
2-32 Roland Grapow The Winner
2-33 Roland Grapow No More Disguise
2-34 Roland Grapow Show Me The Way
2-35 Roland Grapow I Remember
2-36 Roland Grapow Dedicated To
2-37 Roland Grapow Searching For Solutions
2-38 Roland Grapow Strange Friend
2-39 Roland Grapow Bread Of Charity
2-40 Roland Grapow The 4 Seasons Of Life
2-41 Roland Grapow Finale De Souvenier
Kaleidoscope 1999
2-42 Roland Grapow Walk On Fire
2-43 Roland Grapow Under The Same Sun
2-44 Roland Grapow The Hunger
2-45 Roland Grapow A Heartbeat Away
2-46 Roland Grapow Hidden Answer
2-47 Roland Grapow Till The End
2-48 Roland Grapow Kaleidoscope
2-49 Roland Grapow Angel Face
2-50 Roland Grapow Listen To The Lyrics
2-51 Roland Grapow Reaching Higher
2-52 Roland Grapow Lord I'm Dying
Instant Clarity 1996
2-53 Michael Kiske Be True To Yourself
2-54 Michael Kiske The Calling
2-55 Michael Kiske Somebody Somewhere
2-56 Michael Kiske Burned Out
2-57 Michael Kiske New Horizons
2-58 Michael Kiske Hunted
2-59 Michael Kiske Always
2-60 Michael Kiske Thanx A Lot
2-61 Michael Kiske Time's Passing By
2-62 Michael Kiske So Sick
2-63 Michael Kiske Do I Remember A Life
Readiness To Sacrifice 1999
2-64 Michael Kiske Could Cry
2-65 Michael Kiske Ban'em
2-66 Michael Kiske Philistine City
2-67 Michael Kiske Crosstown
2-68 Michael Kiske Where Wishes Fly
2-69 Michael Kiske Watch Your Blue
2-70 Michael Kiske Out Of Homes
2-71 Michael Kiske It
2-72 Michael Kiske Easy
2-73 Michael Kiske Shadowfights
Shocmachine 1998
2-74 Shockmachine Dreamers
2-75 Shockmachine Careless Cries
2-76 Shockmachine Fame
2-77 Shockmachine Never Exist
2-78 Shockmachine The Once Forgotten
2-79 Shockmachine I'm Gone
2-80 Shockmachine Running
2-81 Shockmachine Searching For Love
2-82 Shockmachine When Dreams Decay
2-83 Shockmachine Too Many Words
2-84 Shockmachine Time Flies
2-85 Shockmachine Steal Away
A Tribute To Rainbow 1999
2-86 Catch The Rainbow Kill The King
2-87 Catch The Rainbow Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
2-88 Catch The Rainbow Stargazer
2-89 Catch The Rainbow Lost In Hollywood
2-90 Catch The Rainbow Catch The Rainbow
2-91 Catch The Rainbow I Surrender
2-92 Catch The Rainbow Spotlight Kid
2-93 Catch The Rainbow Man On The Silver Mountain
2-94 Catch The Rainbow Rainbow Eyes
2-95 Catch The Rainbow Eyes Of The World
2-96 Catch The Rainbow Still I'm Sad
2-97 Catch The Rainbow Lady Of The Lake


Packaged in a 2xCD jewel case.
Full tracklist (without track durations) printed on inner side of front insert (for disk 1) and on back cover (for disk 2).

On back cover printed:
По вопросам оптовой и розничной продажи просим обращаться:
Санкт - Петербург, ул.Ленина д.76; тел.: (812) 255 9227, 255 9425, телекс 411069

"Shockmachine" misprinted as "Shocmachine" on back cover,
"Catch The Rainbow" misprinted as "Cath The Rainbow".

Discs contain shell with a player + m3u playlists

Cat# taken from the CD matrices

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Printed): 4 64043 51662 9
  • Barcode (Scanned): 464043516629
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): PD33013
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): PD33014