Henry Kaiser ‎– Ice Death

Parachute ‎– P005
Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Dali's Car 1:30
A2 From The Heart 3:20
A3 Trio 19 1:22
A4 Trio 242 4:50
A5 Ice Death 2:08
A6 Harry The Possum 2:26
A7 Blue Dolphin 10:20
A8 Duo 06 2:04
B1 Wind Crystals 15:14
B2 Trio SC1 1:15
B3 Happy Hour 1:34
B4 Trio SC5 1:35
B5 Duo 07 1:45
B6 Old Missouri 1:28
B7 Welcome Space Friends 1:17
B8 Victoria B.C. 3:57
B9 Bagpipes 1:00




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August 13, 2018

I had a copy of this around 1978. I probably bought it because it has a cover version of Beefheart's 'Dali's Car'. For some idiotic reason, I sold it. I can't remember why, it's so long ago.

Reading 'Lunar Notes', Bill Harkleroad's book about his time with Beefheart, he said that he could no longer play much off Trout Mask Replica and if anybody wanted to learn the guitar lines then they would have to ask Henry Kaiser, who had transcribed it and could play the whole of Trout Mask Replica. Probably the only person who can do that. When he dies, the secrets will die with him.

Kaiser has made dozens of albums and seemed to mellow as the years went by. This early album has fairly fierce improvisations and is pretty out-there. I wish I still had it. There's a sealed/mint copy on here for £50 which is vaguely, almost, tempting.