Herd Of The Ether Space ‎– Sour Notes

Cassette, C30


A1 Hypercolagual
A2 Melted Skelter
B The Sour Power In My Soup


On September 14th, 1997, Robert Silverman and Debra Burger hosted a Herd Of The Ether Space session for the ages in their home/studio in Oakland, California. Besides Robert and Deb, in attendance were Will Marston, Killr "Mark" Kaswan, Chris Arteberry, Brian Cogley, Steve Schaer, Dee Ann Schaer, Stuart Sands, and Charles Rice Goff III (who had returned for his first visit to California since moving his home and the Taped Rugs Productions base of operations to Lawrence, Kansas, in 1996).

Throughout the day and into the evening, strange sounds filled the air as all the joys of a big reunion were celebrated without limit by the Ether Space family. The session appropriately yielded recordings rich in the HOTES traditions of improvisational mystery and Dadaist humor. The group's own technical debacles became fodder for some inspired sonic interactivity; weird Charles Manson vocal samples lead the Ether people into an area where only cassette cultists would ever dare go; and in the midst of some heavy rhythmic grooving, there was churned up a hard-driven rap about the colonic-flushing aspects of powerful sour soup.

The session, originally recorded by Silverman, was edited down to a half-hour presentation by Goff for release by Taped Rugs Productions in January of 1998. The resulting cassette album, entitled: "Sour Notes," featured the three pieces archived here.

This was the last session in HOTES' long history for several of its members. As 1998 progressed, Kaswan, Sands, and Silverman started playing together as the group: "Glow." Arteberry and Cogley started producing live performances in Emeryville, California. Goff continued to work in Kansas with the group: "Turkey Makes Me Sleepy." And sadly, Steve Schaer, a beloved member of the Taped Rugs family since its earliest days, took his own life. HOTES lived on into the 21st Century, however, despite all of these 1998 twists of fate.

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