Herschell Gordon Lewis ‎– Blood Feast & Two Thousand Maniacs! (The Amazing Film Scores Of Herschell Gordon Lewis)

Rhino Records (2) ‎– RNSP 305
Vinyl, LP, Album


Blood Feast
A1 Official Warning 0:27
A2.1 Tragic Kettledrums / Eye Gouged Out 1:31
A2.2 Legs Cut Off! 0:56
A3.1 Blood Feast (Main Title) 1:17
A3.2 Homicide Bureau 0:17
A4.1 Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering Service 0:10
A4.2 Look Into My Eyebrows! 0:17
A4.3 The Cellar 0:36
A5 Brains Knocked Out 1:13
A6 How Dry I Am 3:39
A7 Tongue Torn Out 1:17
A8.1 5000 Years Ago 1:53
A8.2 Newscast And Drumroll 0:22
A9 Critical Condition 2:36
A10 Ancient Weird Religious Rites 2:05
A11 Poolside Frolic/Trudy Sanders Is Missing 2:01
A12.1 Trudy Is Sacrificed To Ishtar 0:24
A12.2 Pete Has A Hunch 0:33
A12.3 Left-Overs 0:31
A13.1 Obligatory Chase Scene 1:36
A13.2 A Fitting Death For The Garbage He Was 0:40
A13.3 End Title 0:23
Bonus Track
A14 Herschell Directs: Assorted Screams 0:56
Two Thousand Maniacs!
B1 Robert E. Lee Broke His Musket On His Knee (Theme Song From Two Thousand Maniacs) 3:56
B2 Recurring Virtuoso Acoustic Guitar Bit 1:35
B3.1 Lister's Garage 0:39
B3.2 I Told You That Blade Was Sharp! 0:40
B4 Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 1:33
B5 It's Almost Like Halloween 0:32
B6 Tom's Bright Idea 1:04
B7.1 Give Me Those Country Boys Every Time 0:36
B7.2 Escape Attempt 0:27
B7.3 Guests Of Honor 0:33
B8.1 Quicksand! 1:25
B8.2 Pleasant Valley: Population 2000 0:36
B9 Dixie 0:53
B10 Safe At Last 1:00
B11 Teetering Rock 3:59
B12 Old Joe Clark 2:32
Bonus Track
B13 Herschell Directs: Assorted Guitar Chords 1:24



"Most music from Blood Feast comes from the original mag strips, however some of these elements could not be located. Therefore, portions of the music were transferred from the master 35mm optical print of the film."

"All music from 2000 Maniacs (except "Old Joe Clark") was extracted from the original three-stripe magnetic masters. "Old Joe Clark" was taken from a slightly beat-up copy of the original 45 rpm single..."

Track B12: Public Domain.

Side A - Total time: 25:33.
Side B - Total time: 23:27.