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January 5, 2018
referencing Will You Ever Reach The End?, 12", 12 RAPID 1
This is an odd release, it's not as awful as the ratings on here would suggest, but it's still far from being good.

The tune itself is basically a techno track with a bunch of video game vocal samples over the top. It's fairly listenable and musically it's not too bad, with some decent sounding synths and alright chords, and it's produced quite well, but otherwise it's not very original and fails to deliver any kind of driving force you'd want from a rave track, not to mention one that samples a load of high-octane video game samples. Removing the vocals might make this a half decent track actually, some of them are ok but others aren't and just make it sound like toytown hardcore.

Other than the tune, I really hate all of the titles on this record:

1) The label name: probably something an out of touch businessman thought was cool.
2) The artist name: probably something the businessman's school kid thought was cool.
3) The track name: probably something the businessman's wife thought was deep... and cool.

I don't really know why this tune was made, all signs suggest that it might have been comissioned for a video game, but I really am not interested enough to research it and find out exactly. It all just reeks of some feeble attempt to make some easy money from the rave scene, it even says "as seen on the advert" on cover which is pretty much the antithesis of the rave scene spirit: whitelabels, demo tapes, bedroom producers, illegal parties, word of mouth advertising, pirate radios... not TV commercials.

I suspect this was masterminded by some cynical businessmen in a clueless effort to commercialise the rave scene and who otherwise couldn't give a toss.