HighWay17 ‎– Paly|toxic Loops

Hornet Horror Roar ‎– #23
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01 The Nylon Fillings 5:51
02 Paly|toxic Loops 5:30
03 Muffled Synthpon 5:08
04 Ear Earwig 3:00
05 Cyanide Cicadas Cycling in the Hyperspace 6:08
06 An Attempt of Infinite Invasion (888 Steps) 26:12
07 Birdy Swarm 3:42
08 Itchy Stitch 11:02
09 Press, Stir Up and Stretch With a Dotted Line 4:30


"Palytoxin is an intense vasoconstrictor, and is considered to be one of the most toxic non-peptide substances known. The onset of symptoms in a palytoxin poisoning is rapid, and death usually follows quickly - during 5-30 minutes after intoxication.
Palytoxin is a natural compound that is produced by zoanthids - an order of cnidarians, class anthozoa, commonly found in coral reefs, the deep sea and many other marine environments around the world. The toxin presumably produced by the virus which is in symbiotic relationship with zoanthids. The Hawaiian natives long since used zoanthids for preparing poisonous weapon." - Mr. Voicetube

Arsenic Strychnine – synths, voice, lyrics, artworks

Special antitoxic thanks goes to Mr. Voicetube (for his investigations and information support), Jaan (for providing place which we can call our home) and Mazes' Mistress (for her help during making the way through the tangles of words and meanings).