HighWay17 ‎– Smear Smile

Hornet Horror Roar ‎– #31
35 × CD, Album


01 Minds' Migration 5:15
02 If I Had a Planet 8:28
03 Can't Stop Transmission 0:54
04 Somewhere, Somehow... 5:36
05 Rotten Guy 4:16
06 Apple Snake 12:57
07 Blacky Cat 4:32
08 Brief Dialogue With My Head 1:08
09 Trip in the Pram 6:03
10 Deep Silky Hollow 17:17


This is the eighth and final maze in HighWay17 playroom. Mister Voicetube and his friends say goodbye to you. Maybe some day we will meet once again somewhere else... But not here. This room is closed now. Once and for all.
Why? Because all children grow up, and one of them had lost his key to the playroom doors.

So we give a smile. Smear smile.

Those responsible:
- Arsenic Strychnine – samples, percussion, kazoo, kalimba, voice, lyrics, mixing, artworks
- Yury Monk – synths, drum-machines, melodyhorn, flute, field recordings, mixing, mastering
- Frankly S. Hankly – electric guitar, mixing, mastering

All things were produced by Arsenic Strychnine and Yury Monk, except "If I Had a Planet", "Rotten Guy", "Apple Snake" and "Deep Silky Hollow" produced by Arsenic Strychnine, Yury Monk and Frankly S. Hankly.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Monk's Cell and Strychninum Sanctum from July, 2016 through January, 2017.