Himuro ‎– Nichiyobi

Worm Interface ‎– wi014
CD, Album


1 Gacha Gacha 4:51
2 Bell Bottom Beats 6:02
3 Tea For One 3:31
4 Get The Controller 5:12
5 Monster Mushroom 5:47
6 I Wanna Be A Kid 1:47
7 Used Music 5:19
8 Short Short 01 0:25
9 Tonoma Shock (We Found A Flying Saucer Mix) 4:01
10 Do Not Disturb 2:47
11 Short Short 02 0:42
12 Open/Close 5:55
13 Big Comic Spirits 3:22
14 Full Blast 3:18
15 Funky Bugyo 3:51
16 Short Short 03 1:21
17 On-Pu 4:47


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Side of case says "Himuro comes from the small town of Fukuoka which is located by the sea in the south of Japan / He discribes himself as 'the ordinary Japanese man'".



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January 26, 2013

NICHIYOBI starts of with the fast, crisp breaks of "Gacha Gacha," and it maintains the pace throughout. Even the woozy start of "Bell Bottom Beats" gives way to a rhythm overload. "Tea For One" does slow things down, and "Get the Controller" blips into pleasant chiptune silliness. But "Monster Mushroom" brings back the big beats, but, as evidenced by "Do Not Disturb", "Funky Bugyo," and "On-Pu," Himuro isn't above playing around with perky little melodies either (or, for that matter, mad jazz, as on "Used Music"). The sonic streaks of "Open/Close" liven up the heavy bass there, and he alternates a gentle guitar strum with mad rhythms on "Full Blast." This kitchen-sink approach to sound doesn't always work, however, especially when the aggressiveness overwhelms everything, but in small doses, it's not too bad.