Hiperion* ‎– live at hurta cordel 97

Modisti ‎– modisti hb 4



Recorded live in Madrid Juny 19Th 1997 French Institut
Festival Hurta Cordel 97
Mari Kimura: violin and computer
Michel Doneda: soprano sax and sound devices
Lê Quan Ninh: percussion and computer
Jean Pallandre: tapes and analog synthesizer


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May 8, 2010

Even Ruud, Head of the Music and Theatre Institute in the University of Oslo says about improvissation that it is:
«A vehicle for self comprehension, a means of creating and repressenting new cathegories of «non-referential» experiences. The quality of life (expressed in terms the feeling of actually living a good life) might be in relationship to this capacity of representing and making significant what we experiment in a pre-linguistic level in music´.
Improvisation helps us to integrate into a group on a psychic level, making access to such experiences easy. This is something that Niklas Luhman, a contemporary communication sociologist, prove. His theories explain social systems have evolved from mutual uncertainty and unpredictable situations:
«People that have taken part in ´collective, group based, free improvisations´, might have experienced the process that leads from total chaos to consensus within the frame of a common code or structure. Thus we can take such collective improvissations that occur in our field as examples of the art of social organization».
Through the improvisation game we stablish a dialogue with external reality: we comment on it, change it symbolically, make dramatizations of it, etc. without suffering the same consequences that a real situation would imply.