Histibe ‎– Take The Form

Histibe World ‎– HSTBLP 001
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1 Design Yourself 05:15
2 Pulsar 07:08
3 No Limitations 07:09
4 Inside 06:41
5 Late Night Rave 06:12
6 Full House 06:00
7 Location Dust 07:26
8 Elements 08:27
9 In Parallel 07:32
10 So Far 07:04
11 Extrasensory 05:53
12 Circles & Above 06:19


22-year-old Ukrainian producer Histibe has released his new LP entitled Take The Form. Taking elements from many different parts of the electronic music spectrum, this release is the result of seven years of experience, hard work and determination.

Histibe, aka Maksim Alekseenko, already has quite a reputation with releases over the last three years spanning many different labels. He is one of the leading lights of the new revolution in drum & bass and the wider electronic scene in the former USSR and beyond.

He represents Kiev, which boasts "many weekly club nights with a variety of genres, and at the same time, the big commercial concerts that also promote electronic music," according to Maksim. "So it's cool to say that Ukrainian dance events can be fun with anywhere from few hundreds to tens of thousands of people!"

Take The Form is out now, and you can listen in the embed below. Categorised by sweeping, evocative arrangements edging towards the minimal and the techo-influenced, coupled with glitchy, off-break beats, the album is indicative of the producer's ethos to take the music to new places, in new directions. Histibe, like many in the field, immersed himself in music from a young age.

"It was really a fun time back then, blinded by the energy of sound with some childish desire, I started playing with DAW and samples when I was around 15," he remembers. "Inspired by different styles of music that I listened to, I mentally tried to combine favourite moments of my favourite tracks in a brand new one. It was not easy to reproduce what I wanted right away, but I continued to practice and it brought some results.

"I was really inspired by jungle music and rave anthems by Prodigy while I was doing the first steps, then I discovered drum & bass labels such as Tech Itch, Subtitles and Renegade Hardware. There's a long list of producers and genres that just take me to another world."

For fans of wide-scale but intricate beats & bass, in the mould of Noisia, Raiden and others, Take The Form will take listeners on a journey to the centre of sound. Maksim sums it up:

"Take The Form covers a variety of styles of contemporary electronica, with which I experimented in the period from 2008 to 2011! This album is three years of my life. So I just want to tell my story in sound. I took the form, now you can take it!"

Words: Gideon Thomas (Kmag UK, 2011)