Hixxy, Sharkey, Scott Brown & Breeze & Styles* ‎– Bonkers 12 - The Dirty Dozen



CD 1 - Hixxy Mix
DJ UFO* Feat Shelly* Waiting 5:34
Hixxy Take A Look (Dub Mix) 3:40
Hixxy & MC Storm Just Accept It (Hixxy Remix) 4:16
Dougal & Gammer The Piano Tune 4:54
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter & Jon Doe* Round & Round (Breeze & Styles Remix) 4:02
Impact* & In Effect Close Your Eyes (Hixxy Remix) 4:32
69 (2) You're My Angel 4:53
DJ Uplift Midnight Resistance 3:15
CLSM Reaching Out (Billy 'Daniel' Bunter & CLSM Remix) 4:47
DJ Weaver Fallen Angel 5:57
DJ UFO* Feat Shelly* Always 5:35
Asa & S1 Whole 3:13
Yum-Yi Feat Becky Judge Tantric 5:26
Hixxy C.O.N. 3:04
CD2 - Sharkey Mix
Kevin Energy & The *TING* Power In The Light 4:42
Lost Soul Dark Side Of The Moon 4:51
Mark Ashley And K Complex Atomic Orbital 4:41
Andy Vinal And Matt Style Losing Control (Remix) 4:24
Invader Enraptured Soulz 4:41
Gammer Can't Compete 4:08
Wizbit & Ponder New Zealand Story 4:41
CLSM Feat Bello B Transmission To Mars 4:00
Dougal & Gammer Know The Score 3:47
Robbie Long And Stormtrooper* Hitmen 4:52
Marc Smith And Kevin Energy That's The Hardcore 3:45
V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. Feat MC Wotsee Hugger Mugger 3:47
Impact* Funky Technician 5:01
Marc Smith What The Fuck 3:41
A.M.S & Robbie Long* Kill Bill 3:58
A.M.S* & Tazz Gettin Dirty 4:26
Sharkey vs. CLSM Wicked MC (A.M.S. Remix) 4:55
Outsidaz (2) Punk 3:43
CD3 - Scott Brown Mix
Plus System This Is How We Do It 5:22
Brisk & Ham To The Floor 3:10
Scott Brown Feat Cat Knight All About You 5:30
Expression & GBH (2) Night Time (Sy & Unknown Remix) 3:16
Brisk & Ham Crazy Love 4:47
Scott Brown Feat DMO Really Need You 4:22
DJ Kurt Rock Ya Hardcore 4:27
Interstate (3) This Is My Bass 4:22
Euphony & DJ Storm* First Contact 4:36
Breeze & Styles* Heartbeatz (Scott Brown Remix) 5:06
Plus System Is This The Future 3:16
Scott Brown vs. Marc Smith Hardcore U Know The Score 4:13
Endymion Payback 4:32
Scott Brown This One's For All Of Us 3:37
David Pamies - Cesar Benito Torn (Scott Brown Karaoke Mix) 2:54
Interstate (3) We Can Dance 3:37
Scott Brown Boomstick 3:37
Neophyte* & Evil Activities Alles Kapot 4:10
CD 4 - Breeze & Styles Mix
Aluna All Of My Life (Breeze & Styles Remix) 5:29
Breeze & Styles* Feel The Power 4:27
Recon* The Sun 5:24
Dougal & Gammer 3000 Cycles 4:05
Evil Angel Today (Breeze & Styles Remix) 4:55
Darren Styles Skydivin' 4:09
Clear Vu I Adore (Breeze & Styles Remix) 3:24
Uplift* & Cloudskipper Revolution 3:25
Euphonic (2) Feat Lisa Abbott The One (Breeze & Styles Remix) 4:24
Scott Brown Feat Cat Knight Flow 4:31
Breeze & Styles* Electric (Bonkers Remix) 4:37
Eclipse (9) Before Tomorrow (Breeze & Styles Remix) 4:44
Breeze* & UFO Take Your Time 4:58
David Pamies - Cesar Benito Torn (Breeze & Styles Remix) 4:49
Futureworld Chemical Love (Hardcore Mix) 4:32
Sonic State (2) & MC Storm I'm A Raver 5:15


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August 22, 2012
referencing Bonkers 12 - The Dirty Dozen, 4xCD, Mixed, REACT CD 246, REACTCD246
is there a song with the noise of a horse in it? such a belter tune, cant find it anywhere cant remember which bonkers it was on. my mate said its on the scott brown cd :/ ?


September 8, 2004
edited over 16 years ago
referencing Bonkers 12 - The Dirty Dozen, 4xCD, Mixed, REACT CD 246, REACTCD246
This album has got to be one of THE best bonkers releases out at the moment, every mix has earned my high opinion.
Hixxy's mix isn't AS good as some of his previous mixes (e.g. Bonkers 9) but it's still a good blend of the nu-skool happy style. Sharkey's mix on Bonkers 12 has got to be my favourite of all his Bonkers mixes, it's just sooo listenable! All the tracks are different and no two sound alike. Exceptional tracks would have to be 'Can't Compete', 'Hitmen' and 'Hugger Mugger', which I found absolutely mind-blowing! Scott Brown's mix is also exceptional. His mix includes some great tracks like the hard-as-nails 'This Is How We Do It', with its hard kick and razor-sharp melodies, 'All About You', with its lush vocals and happy melodies and the floor-shaking 'Boomstick' with its bouncy bass and ear-bashing gabba rhythm. Marvellous. I found Breeze & Styles' mix a tad repetitive with the same sounds being used throughout, but nevertheless there are still some wicked tunes like '3000 Cycles', 'The One' and 'Flow'. Overall I found this release to top all of the nu-skool releases of Bonkers! All I can say is bring on number 13!!


August 31, 2004
edited over 16 years ago
referencing Bonkers 12 - The Dirty Dozen, 4xCD, Mixed, REACT CD 246, REACTCD246
Just about every song on this cd set is good. Hixxy's set is superb except he ruins "Just accept it" by bleeping out the lyric "crazy". Scott Brown has a spectacular set that is representative of his style. Breeze and Styles is the most vocal of the four disks, and probably the best. In fact the song "Flow" may be the best song on the entire set of cds. Sharkey pulls out all the stop as well to help deliver a monumental four disk set.


May 22, 2004
referencing Bonkers 12 - The Dirty Dozen, 4xCD, Mixed, REACT CD 246, REACTCD246

Great compilation, possibly the best since Bonkers 3 and without a doubt the best since Bonkers: The Rezurrection. The extra mix was an added incentive to buy this CD.

Hixxy's Mix: As strong as ever, full of amazing material and mixed brilliantly.

Sharkey's Mix: An amazing trip through Freeform Hardcore, constantly changing and morphing, never boring.

Scott Brown's Mix: A very strong selection of songs and great mixing makes this one of the best of the 4, Scott kicks it off with his Plus System sound and ties it up with some great Gabber.

Breeze & Styles's Mix: A good selection of music, but it starts to sound very repetitive after a while. Mixing is top notch, but I think more variation and more tracks like "3000 Cycles" by Dougal & Gammer couldn't have done any harm.

All in all Bonkers 12 is <b>great</b> value for money!
Highly recommended.