Hootie & The Blowfish ‎– Talking With Hootie & The Blowfish

Atlantic ‎– PRCD 6745-2
CD, Promo, Interview


1 Hootie & The Blowfish Profile Questions And Answers With Music Background 24:33
2 Dean*, Mark*, Soni* And Darius* Some Will Ask Why ''Fairweather Johnson'' Comes So Soon On The Heels Of ''Cracked Read View'', Even Though That Record's Been Out Over Two Years. Are You Afraid To Stop Working For Fear Reality Will Set In? 1:04
3 Darius*, Mark* And Dean* Are You Enjoying Your Succes? 0:59
4 Darius* And Mark* Are You Grateful For The Early Days? 0:52
5 Mark*, Soni* And Darius* How Will Touring Be Different This Time Out? 0:54
6 Dean* And Soni* Do You Know They Speak A Different Language In Europe? 0:39
7 Mark* And Darius* When You Record An Album, Do You Have A Standard Modus Operandi? 0:47
8 Soni*, Dean* And Mark* When You Record An Album, Do You Have A Standard Modus Operandi? 0:48
9 Darius*, Dean* And Mark* You Guys Really Like To Talk Trash To Each Other, Don't You? 0:42
10 Darius*, Dean*, Soni* And Mark* What Was The Effect Of Having An Album Still In The Top Ten When You Went To Record The Next Record? Did It Give You A Lot Of Confidence? 1:19
11 Dean*, Darius*, Soni* And Mark* Does It Really Bother You That A Lot Of Sport Fans Switch Teams To Whoever Happens To Be Winning At The Time? 2:02
12 Mark* The Song ''The Earth Stopped Cold At Dawn'' Has A Sense Of Isolation And Loneliness To It.... From Where Does That Come? 0:27
13 Dean* And Mark* ''Old Man & Me'' Is An Old Song, Right? 0:26
14 Dean*, Mark* And Soni* ''Sad Caper'' It Such A Wistful Song. Tell Us About It. 1:18
15 Dean*, Darius*, Soni* And Mark* ''Tucker's Town'' Is One Of Those Songs You Played On Last Summer. Is There Real Tucker's Town? 1:17
16 Darius*, Mark* And Soni* What Is ''Tootie'' Al About? 0:22
17 Darius*, Soni* And Mark* Have You Been A Fan Of Nanci Griffith Very Long? 0:58
18 Hootie & The Blowfish The Music On This Record Is Seductive, Because The Thems That We've Dealing With On Fairweather Johnson Are Not Exactly Light-Hearted By And Large, Are They? 1:01
19 Dean* And Mark* Did You Know About Peter Hosapple By Being Big Fans Of R.E.M.? 1:12
20 Mark*, Darius* And Soni* Who Played Hammond On ''Old Man & Me''? 0:43
21 Darius* And Mark* How Does ''Old Man & Me'' Differ Now From When It Was Orginally Recorded? 0:36
22 Darius* And Mark* Some People Say That The Names Of Your Albums Are Double-Entendres, Something That You Deny Strongly. In Fact, Cracked Rear View Is Named After A Beautiful Song From John Hiatt, Isn't It? 1:04
23 Hootie & The Blowfish The Lyric In John's Song Where He Says I Was Looking At Life ''Through Some Cracked Rear View'' Is A Line Many Songwriters Wish They Could Write. 0:15
24 Darius* And Dean* You've Had Your Share Of Awards Shows And Tv Specials Over Last Year. What's You Take On Them? 0:20
25 Darius* And Mark* What About Playing With Al Green On Billboard's Award Show? 1:17
26 Darius*, Dean*, Mark* And Soni* What Is Your New Label, Breaking Records, All About? 1:17
27 Darius* ID 0:10
28 Dean Felber ID 0:13
29 Dean Felber ID 0:07
30 Mark Bryan ID 0:11
31 Mark Bryan ID 0:09