Hrönir ‎– Bardo Thödol (Liberação Por Audição No Plano Post Morten)

Music Your Mind Will Love You ‎– mymwly0075
CDr, Limited Edition, cardboard hand made packaging


1 Besouros Feridos Por Pedra 3:04
2 ... 0:15
3 Anagrama 24:23
4 Dinamica Dos Fluidos Densos 6:29
5 Noite Marduk 6:06
6 Baleias De Marduk 2:07
7 Tribo Ibmuzuam 3:29
8 Fleumas 7:40
9 Tlon, Uqbar & Orbius Tertius 20:48
10 ... 0:15
11 Concerto Para Voz E CD Preparado 3:52


  • Written By, Performer, Computer, Effects, Electronics, Noises, Sampler, Tape, Turntables, Drone, Composed By, Programmed ByThelmo Cristovam, Túlio Falcão


Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered at v(g)erme home studio by Thelmo Cristovam & Túlio Falcão. Pernambuco/Brazil; 2003/2004.

Thanks to Anderson Lucena.

This record is dedicated to Monica Roher.

"Things are duplicated in Tlön; they simultaniously prohang to erase themselves and to lose the particularitities, to forgets. The example of the threshold is classic that lasted while it was visited by a beggar and that it was lost of sight with his death. Centuries and centuries of idealism had an influence in the reality. The object duplication is common loss. Two people searchs a pencil; the first one finds and he does not say nothing; the second finds a pencil not less real, however, more adjusted to his expectation these secondary objects are called Hrönir."

Jorge Luis Borges