Hteththemeth ‎– Best Worst Case Scenario

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His greatest value is His own presence, for it is all he has left. In a cold, desolate world, The Guy is alone, but it hasn't always been so dark, for there was a time when The Guy had his own purpose: Finding the purest adoration imaginable, untarnished by the vile hubris of humanity. Even that thought has passed away and many years have gone by since his last attempt to find the perfect She.

The old demigod has had his eyes set on him for some time. Somehow, he became fond of him, as time went on. Dissapointed, he remembers the time when he was only an archangel.

In an old reminiscent way, he feels compelled to no longer stand and watch, but to step in and offer his service to The Guy. Nevertheless, he is unable to take that step, since he shed his old wings as Adoriel, Archangel of Adoration, taking on the complete opposite role. He is now, Hteththemeth.

As all of his hopes were reaching the ends of his patience, one day, suddenly, She appeared. With her magic charms, she succeeded in making him her sentimental slave.

From the highest mountain He is watching the game between The Guy and She, a pathetic dance of two beings, doomed to a fake existence. How could He be so deluded?

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