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Box Set, Limited Edition, Compilation
14 × CD, Remastered
2 × DVD, Remastered, DVD-Video, PAL


Hunters & Collectors
CD1-1 Talking To A Stranger 7:30
CD1-2 Alligator Engine 5:56
CD1-3 Skin Of Our Teeth 8:07
CD1-4 Scream Who 4:13
CD1-5 Junket Head 5:19
CD1-6 Boo Boo Kiss 5:52
CD1-7 Tender Kinder Baby 4:51
CD1-8 Run Run Run 9:13
The Fireman's Curse
CD2-1 Prologue 0:32
CD2-2 Curse 5:45
CD2-3 Fish Roar 3:17
CD2-4 Blind Snake Sundae 6:10
CD2-5 Mr. Right 3:37
CD2-6 Sway 5:54
CD2-7 Judas Sheep 4:04
CD2-8 Eggheart 5:01
CD2-9 Drinking Bomb 4:48
CD2-10 Epilogue 0:54
The Jaws Of Life
CD3-1 42 Wheels 3:20
CD3-2 Holding Down To A D 3:41
CD3-3 Way To Go Out 3:23
CD3-4 I Couldn't Give It To You 3:31
CD3-5 It's Early Days Yet 3:40
CD3-6 I Believe 2:58
CD3-7 Betty's Worry Or The Slab 3:58
CD3-8 Hayley's Doorstep 5:37
CD3-9 Red Lane 3:48
CD3-10 Carry Me 4:12
CD3-11 Little Chalkie 3:28
Human Frailty
CD4-1 Say Goodbye 3:50
CD4-2 Throw Your Arms Around Me 3:53
CD4-3 Dog 3:40
CD4-4 Everything's On Fire 4:27
CD4-5 Relief 5:07
CD4-6 The Finger 4:27
CD4-7 99th Home Position 2:39
CD4-8 Is There Anybody In There? 3:25
CD4-9 Stuck On You 3:13
CD4-10 This Morning 6:42
What's A Few Men?
CD5-1 Faraway Man 3:17
CD5-2 Do You See What I See 3:37
CD5-3 Around The Flame 3:47
CD5-4 So Long Ago 3:15
CD5-5 Breakneck Road 2:42
CD5-6 What Are You Waiting For 2:24
CD5-7 Under The Sun 5:03
CD5-8 Still Hanging 'Round 3:16
CD5-9 You Can Have It All 4:04
CD5-10 What's A Few Men 3:08
CD5-11 Give Me A Reason 3:39
CD5-12 Back On The Breadline 4:02
CD5-13 Wishing Well 4:12
CD5-14 Real World 4:03
CD5-15 Something To Believe 3:50
Ghost Nation
CD6-1 When The River Runs Dry 5:02
CD6-2 Blind Eye 4:29
CD6-3 Love All Over Again 3:56
CD6-4 Crime Of Passion 5:22
CD6-5 You Stole My Thunder 3:28
CD6-6 Ghost Nation 4:11
CD6-7 The Way You Live 3:49
CD6-8 Gut Feeling 4:26
CD6-9 Lazy Summer Day 3:38
CD6-10 Running Water 5:06
CD7-1 Head Above Water 4:22
CD7-2 Holy Grail 3:50
CD7-3 Grindstone 3:50
CD7-4 True Tears Of Joy 4:33
CD7-5 We The People 3:43
CD7-6 Hear No Evil 4:20
CD7-7 Edge Of Nowhere 5:11
CD7-8 Love That I Long For 5:20
CD7-9 Where Do You Go? 3:59
CD7-10 Imaginary Girl 5:07
CD7-11 Angel Of Mercy 5:42
Demon Flower
CD8-1 Easy 3:45
CD8-2 Panic In The Shade 3:50
CD8-3 Back In The Hole 4:30
CD8-4 The One And Only You 3:06
CD8-5 Mr. Bigmouth 4:26
CD8-6 Courtship Of America 4:31
CD8-7 Drop In The Ocean 3:46
CD8-8 Newborn 4:03
CD8-9 Tender 3:59
CD8-10 Desert Where Her Heart Is 4:05
CD8-11 Betrayer 3:59
CD8-12 Ladykiller 5:47
Living In Large Rooms (Live In The Pubs)
CD9-1 Holy Grail 4:08
CD9-2 Easy 3:15
CD9-3 Stuck On You 3:24
CD9-4 Say Goodbye 4:54
CD9-5 Chalkie 4:33
CD9-6 Blind Eye 4:44
CD9-7 Everything's On Fire 3:56
CD9-8 42 Wheels 3:48
CD9-9 Head Above Water 3:56
CD9-10 Mr. Bigmouth 4:30
CD9-11 Where Do You Go? 4:03
CD9-12 The One And Only You 2:56
CD9-13 Do You See What I See? 5:02
Living In Large Rooms And Lounges (Live At The Continental Café)
CD10-1 The Slab 3:53
CD10-2 Say Goodbye 3:45
CD10-3 True Tears Of Joy 4:12
CD10-4 Throw Your Arms Around Me 4:46
CD10-5 Easy 3:22
CD10-6 Courtship Of America 4:03
CD10-7 Betrayer 3:30
CD10-8 Back In The Hole 4:08
CD10-9 Ladykiller 4:44
CD10-10 The Most Unoriginal Sin 3:32
CD10-11 Holy Grail 3:14
CD10-12 When The River Runs Dry 14:25
Cargo Cult
World Of Stone
CD11-1 Run Run Run 9:12
CD11-2 World Of Stone 7:31
CD11-3 Watcher / Loinclothing 10:11
CD11-4 Towtruck 4:58
CD11-5 Droptank 4:56
CD11-6 Mouthtrap 4:10
CD11-7 Lumps Of Lead 4:10
Living Daylight
CD11-8 Living Daylight 3:15
CD11-9 Inside A Fireball 4:06
CD11-10 January Rain 4:28
CD12-1 True Believers 4:43
CD12-2 Higher Plane 4:10
CD12-3 When You Fall 4:15
CD12-4 Wasted In The Sun 4:59
CD12-5 Suit Your Style 4:14
CD12-6 Titanic 4:34
CD12-7 She's Not Fooling Around 4:14
CD12-8 Good Man Down 3:45
CD12-9 Mother Hubbard 3:51
CD12-10 Human Kind 3:18
CD11-11 Those Days Are Gone 3:54
CD12-12 Long Way To The Water 4:07
CD12-13 Unlisted (True Believers Reprise) 1:13
CD13-1 The Trade Off 4:02
CD13-2 Pocket 3:26
CD13-3 Matter Of Time 3:57
CD13-4 Two Roads 3:20
CD13-5 Follow Me No More 4:21
CD13-6 Another One Like You 3:29
CD13-7 Unbeliever 4:48
CD13-8 Debris 3:47
CD13-9 Yes Man 3:04
CD13-10 This Morning (Orchestral) 4:55
CD13-11 Too Good Looking To Lose 2:44
CD13-12 When The Truth Comes Calling 3:11
CD13-13 I'm Set Free 4:24
CD13-14 The Price Of Freedom 3:16
CD13-15 Know Your Product 2:36
CD13-16 Honey In The Jar 3:22
CD13-17 Mind Of An American 3:52
Spare Parts
CD14-1 Throw Your Arms Around Me (First Single Version) 3:31
CD14-2 Throw Your Arms Around Me (Live Ausmusic Concert 1990) 5:16
CD14-3 Blind Eye (Live Ausmusic Concert 1990) 4:55
CD14-4 Ghost Nation (Live Ausmusic Concert 1990) 4:32
CD14-5 Inside A Fireball (Live Ausmusic Concert 1990) 6:15
CD14-6 Crime Of Passion (Live Ausmusic Concert 1990) 5:39
CD14-7 Do You See What I See? (Live Ausmusic Concert 1990) 5:15
CD14-8 Head Above Water (Extended Mix - L.A. Piece Remix) 6:08
CD14-9 Talking To A Stranger (Extended Mix - Blue Singlet Mix) 5:19
CD14-10 Faraway Man (From Raw Material) 5:07
CD14-11 World Of Stone (First Gig Live Desk Tape) 6:42
CD14-12 Alligator Engine (First Gig Live Desk Tape) 6:34
CD14-13 Run Run Run (First Gig Live Desk Tape) 6:48
CD14-14 Talking To A Stranger (First Gig Live Desk Tape) 6:10
Way To Go Out / Under One Roof
Way To Go Out (Live 1984 - DVD)
DVD1-1 The Way To Go Out
DVD1-2 The Slab
DVD1-3 Throw Your Arms Around Me
DVD1-4 I Couldn't Give It To You
DVD1-5 Little Chalkie
DVD1-6 The Unbeliever
DVD1-7 Carry Me
DVD1-8 I Believe
Under One Roof (Live 1998 - DVD)
DVD1-9 Where Do You Go?
DVD1-10 Turn A Blind Eye
DVD1-11 Head Above Water
DVD1-12 Wasted In The Sun
DVD1-13 What's A Few Men?
DVD1-14 Talking To A Stranger
DVD1-15 42 Wheels
DVD1-16 Back In The Hole
DVD1-17 True Tears Of Joy
DVD1-18 When The River Runs Dry
DVD1-19 True Believers
DVD1-20 Say Goodbye
DVD1-21 Holy Grail
DVD1-22 The Slab
DVD1-23 Throw Your Arms Around Me
DVD1-24 Stuck On You
DVD1-25 Do You See What I See?
Natural Selection - DVD (Compilation Of All The Film Clips)
DVD2-1 Talking To A Stranger
DVD2-2 Lumps Of Lead
DVD2-3 Judas Sheep
DVD2-4 The Slab
DVD2-5 Carry Me
DVD2-6 Say Goodbye
DVD2-7 Throw Your Arms Around Me (1986)
DVD2-8 Everything's On Fire
DVD2-9 Is There Anybody In There?
DVD2-10 Do You See What I See?
DVD2-11 Still Hanging 'Round
DVD2-12 Back On The Breadline
DVD2-13 When The River Runs Dry
DVD2-14 Blind Eye
DVD2-15 The Way You Live
DVD2-16 Throw Your Arms Around Me (1990)
DVD2-17 Where Do You Go?
DVD2-18 Head Above Water
DVD2-19 We The People
DVD2-20 True Tears Of Joy
DVD2-21 Holy Grail
DVD2-22 Easy
DVD2-23 Panic In The Shade
DVD2-24 Back In The Hole
DVD2-25 Debris

Companies, etc.



8 drawer box with 2 discs per drawer.
14 CDs and 2 DVDs in a unique, strictly limited (5000 only) edition box.
All CDs remastered and in gatefold sleeves with original art and original tracklistings.
24 page booklet containing a brand new essay on the band by a renowned Melbourne writer.
Box contains a numbered certificate.

Due to a rather innocuous error, Run Run Run from the Hunters & Collectors album (CD1-9) ended up as Track 1 on CD11, World of Stone became CD11-2 and Watcher and Loinclothing are merged as CD11-3. No songs are missing.

℗ & © 2008 Human Fraility.

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December 24, 2014
edited 8 months ago

Almost the lot by H&C. All I can find that's missing is audio of the 1990 remix of "Throw Your Arms Around Me".