Hyperemesis / Deep Fried Embryo ‎– Hyperemesis / Deep Fried Embryo

Garbage Disposal Records ‎– GD-007


1 Hyperemesis Disseminated Peritoneal Leiomyomatosis After Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy
2 Hyperemesis Gastric Emptying Following Gastric Vagotomy And Antrectomy
3 Hyperemesis Heroin Induced Pulmonary Oedema
4 Hyperemesis Excision Of High Vaginal Septum
5 Hyperemesis Subcutaneous Rupture Of Hepatic Hydatid Cyst
6 Hyperemesis Lymphangioleiomyomatosis With Spontaneous Peritoneal Rupture
7 Hyperemesis Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection Of The Lower Abdominal Wall Causing Sepsis
8 Hyperemesis Obstructed Defecation Syndrome
9 Hyperemesis Myocardial Fibrosis In Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
10 Hyperemesis Traumatic Brain Injury And Severe Uncontrolled Haemorrhage
11 Deep Fried Embryo Tacos Loaded With Rat Poison
12 Deep Fried Embryo Dog Was Raped To Death
13 Deep Fried Embryo Dining On Human Excrement
14 Deep Fried Embryo Ruptured Rectum
15 Deep Fried Embryo Burned Off Genitals
16 Deep Fried Embryo Shit On (For Fun)
17 Deep Fried Embryo Dismembered And Fed For Dinner
18 Deep Fried Embryo Team Abortion Eaters
19 Deep Fried Embryo Bleeding Out The Ass And Mouth
20 Deep Fried Embryo Vomited On Again


Hyperemesis - All music by Andy
Tracks 1-8 recorded in 10/10
Tracks 9-10 recorded in 11/10

D.F.E. is:
Bryan - Drums
Jason - Bass/Guitar/Vox
Recorded march-april 2011