Hyperemesis / Rotten Bitch ‎– Hyperemesis / Rotten Bitch

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A1 Hyperemesis Vertebral Haemangiomatosis Causing Paraplegia
A2 Hyperemesis Diffuse Cutaneous Mastocytosis
A3 Hyperemesis Cerebral Malaria And Bacterial Meningitis
A4 Hyperemesis Severe Gastric Variceal Haemorrhage Due To Splenic Artery Thrombosis
A5 Hyperemesis Cervical Pulmonary Herniation Due To Blunt Chest Trauma
A6 Hyperemesis Malignant Lymphogranulomatous Pericarditis
A7 Hyperemesis Chronic Nonsuppurative Destructive Cholangitis Of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
A8 Hyperemesis Nephrotic Syndrome With Glomerulonephritis
A9 Hyperemesis Small Bowel Obstruction Due To Mycosis Fungoides
A10 Hyperemesis Lymphomatoid Papulosis
A11 Hyperemesis Vibrio Vulnificus Septicemia
1A2 Hyperemesis Toxic Shock Syndrome Secondary To Puncture Wound
A13 Hyperemesis Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
A14 Hyperemesis Spontaneous Rupture Of Rectum With Prolapse Of Small Gut Through The Anus
A15 Hyperemesis Pulmonary Venous Occlusion And Death In Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
B1 Rotten Bitch Always In The Hands Of Rats!!!
B2 Rotten Bitch Look Into Yourself And You'll Find The Real Oppressor
B3 Rotten Bitch Your Weak Minds
B4 Rotten Bitch Slaughter System
B5 Rotten Bitch Forced To Live In A Well Made Of Shit
B6 Rotten Bitch Dilson Motherfucker!
B7 Rotten Bitch Downtrodden By Those Whose Slime Infects Your Weak Minds