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Compilation of works performed at the February 12th 2017 Insitu Session at Tanah Lot , Kec. Tabanan , Bali .
The fourth volume in our ongoing Insitu Sessions series includes 8 new works recorded beneath two Banyan trees near Tanah Lot temple. From Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron 's Becomes One , recorded by a dancer wearing binaural microphones, to I Gede Putu Gita Kumara Putra 's Rakêt, which draws inspiration from West African drumming, each piece creates and explores its own sonic territory. The resulting variety is indicative of the diverse sounds inspiring gamelan music today as well as the many composers pushing its boundaries. Highlights include I Putu Purwwangsa Nagara 's massive Organic Clauses , performed on 12 gender wayang , and I Wayan Situbanda 's Traffic Light , performed by 3 players each using 3 small gongs.