IDX1274 ‎– The Optima Project #5 - Turidt Lex "Footsteps Into The Unknown"

Grel Records ‎– none
10 × CDr, Mini, Limited Edition

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1-1 IDX1274 & Yellow5 & Orange, Manifold Untitled B Side [Unused] 20:01
2-1 IDX1274 O Caixote Issue 11 [July 2003] 18:48
3-1 IDX1274 For Morton Feldman (Christian Wolff Remix) 18:20
3-2 IDX1274 Sikhs Of The Golden Mustard Fields Of Punjab 0:54
4-1 IDX1274 Spectors Let Out Of A Box Turn To Mist In The Sun 6:13
4-2 IDX1274 God Event 13:10
5-1 IDX1274 11 Or The Deluxe 15 (Vocal Mix) 5:06
5-2 IDX1274 & Wey Nagrom Isn't It About Time (Part II)(Contemplative Inquiry)
Vocals – Wey Nagrom
5-3 IDX1274 The Vagina 8:13
6-1 IDX1274 And Now A Word From Our Sponsors 3:02
6-2 IDX1274 Air Islam Security Check, Point Gate 6B (For Terry B) 4:43
6-3 IDX1274 Black Box Boogie 11:22
7-1 IDX1274 & P:ano All Of November 2:46
7-2 IDX1274 Conet Project Remix Session #6 18:10
8-1 IDX1274 Young Princess Rajasthan (Excerpt) 10:00
8-2 IDX1274 Ft. Detrick Biological Weapons Lab, Anthrax Division, USA 8:21
9-1 IDX1274 vs Murder Inc. (4) Untitled (Part 1) 1:34
9-2 IDX1274 & Wey Nagrom Isn't It About Time (Part 1)(Tonal Inquiry)
Vocals – Wey Nagrom
10-1 IDX1274 vs Kinfled Coned In (IDX1274 Unmix #1) 5:27
10-2 IDX1274 vs Palate Clamp Spare Changing After The 1970 Film Fest Fire 15:02


The Optima Project was a series of releases put out by Grel Records that came in a turtle shell found around Lake Optima in Oklahoma.

Each one was an original one of a kind release.

Included in the package were:

10 x 3" CDr
A turtle shell
A baggette of lady bug skeletons (turtle food)
A dead hummingbird (found by IDX1274)
A section of petrified wood (from IDX1274's compound)
3 small stickers
10 photos taken by IDX1274
A 28 page handmade booklet

All these items came stuffed inside a turtle shell.

The recordings cover a cross section of noise & experiments from 1999-2003 and was entirely handmade.