IDX1274 vs. Johnny Dark ‎– Pas De Sol

Label: ‎– 81495
CDr, Enhanced


1 Blurred (User Friendly Remix) 8:10
2 Blurred (Square Mix) 8:15
3 Blurred (Seeing Double Demix 1) 15:49
4 Blurred (Amen Mix) 8:03
5 Blurred (Seeing Double Demix 2) 15:49
6 Blurred (Pointless Mix) 2:19
7 Blurred (Darkest Before The Dawn Remix) 1:45



"Pas de Sol" is a collaborative effort between a Drum n' Bass Producer from Ontario, Canada known as Johnny Dark and IDX1274, experimental noise artist, who at the time of these recordings was residing in Sacramento, California and operating out of the Keif Minerette Mosque studios located there. IDX1274 now resides in the deep woods in Oregon, USA.

The tracks contained on this effort are the result of many months of sending the original version of "Blurred" (not included on the release due to time restricions caused by the inclusion of mp3 files on the actual CD), and its many many mutations along the way, back and forth from Ontario to California, being mutilated and then reassembled over and over each time by each repective artist in turn until a satisfactory 74 minute CD was created. Each track is created from the destruction and/or reconstruction of it's previous version on the CD, from the straight Drum n' Bass of Johnny Dark's original "Blurred" easily into a slightly more demented and very "User Friendly Remix" by IDX1274, then returned to D n' B by Johnny Dark, this time forced to use tones and structures a bit more harsh and deranged making for his more angualr sounding "Square Mix" which in turn is then dismembered and tore apart by IDX1274 in an all out noisefest sure to please lover's of that cacophonic genre with the "Seeing Double Demix #1". Mr. Dark, after such a demonic possession of his track, is forced to exorcise the demon from his previous attempt. To do this he tries the almighty power of the "Amen Mix" which only seems to aggravate the demon of IDX1274's creations and instead of removing the noise beast, merely transforms it into an even eviler and noisier creation of its already evil self in the "Seeing Double Demix #2". Johnny realizes that exocising the noise beast is futile and presents this fact with his final contribtuion on the effort the "Pointless Mix". For the last track of the series IDX1274 comes clean with a more direct Drum n' Bass version of the original track in an effort to show what working Johnny Dark has taught him in the final version aptly titled the "Darkest Before The Dawn Remix".
The original version of the CD in the minds of its creators contained 8 tracks beginning with Johnny Dark's "Blurred (Original Mix)" followed by the track listing on the CD.

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