Ignodeau ‎– Stefania am Rande der Nacht

Warm Gospel ‎– WG58
Cassette, Album


1 Taten Verantwortlichen 07:48
2 Die Taktildefloration 10:32
3 Eine Iebende Puppe 02:45
4 Leere Wohnungen mit Wünschen ausgefüllt 05:17
5 Geschenk für Eltern 08:06



“Stefania am Rande der Nacht” by Belarus-based supergroup, Ignodeau, is dedicated to Mathieu Seiler’s 1995 psychological thriller film, “Stefanie’s Geschenk”. The Internet came up short on having available a version of the film with English subtitles, so I only know as much about the film as I could discern from the characters’ dictation and how the story plays out through the film’s visuals.

Essentially, I’m relying on mood. So it’s interesting to have first found about the film from Ignodeau’s musical dedication to it, which in itself is an experiment in mood and tension. Synth-driven movements that establish themselves thoroughly before one begins to notice the slight alterations weaved into the framework.

It’s representational of our protagonist, Stefania, and her transformation in the film from her youth into the twisted subjective reality of her adolescence. It’s harsh at times, raw, and terrifying. A descent towards madness split into five acts that replaces the "Heart of Darkness’ " jungle with the rough-hewn, industrial textures of the city.
released March 12, 2018

Albert Litvin - bass, synthesizers, drums
Alexei Obolenskij - synthesizers
Pavel Rassolko - synthesizers
Andrew Dichenko - bass, vocals

Cover art by Julia Schchawrowskaja

Recorded in Minsk, Belarus, July 2017

Ignodeau is a musical side-project which includes members of Belarusian bands, Travm, Deproverst, and [micra].

This release is dedicated to the film "Stephanies Geschenk" (Switzerland, 1995)


"Although dancefloor-worthy beats assert themselves throughout the majority of the album, my focus is mostly drawn to the synth-dominant music throughout, which veers from ambient, textural ideas to early industrial gear-grinding."
-Scott Scholz, Tabs Out