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Igor StravinskyComplete Edition

Deutsche Grammophon – 00289 479 4650 GB30
30 x CD, Compilation


Stage Works
The Firebird (1909/10): Fairy-Tale Ballet In 2 Scenes
Level Up1-1Introduction2:32
Level Up1-2Scene 1: Kashchei's Magic Garden1:47
Level Up1-3Scene 1: Appearance Of The Firebird, Pursued By Ivan-Tsarevich2:26
Level Up1-4Scene 1: Dance Of The Firebird1:22
Level Up1-5Scene 1: Ivan-Tsarevich Captures The Firebird0:53
Level Up1-6Scene 1: The Firebird's Entreaties - Appearance Of The Thirteen Enchanted Princesses8:14
Level Up1-7Scene 1: The Princesses' Game With The Golden Apples (Scherzo)2:25
Level Up1-8Scene 1: Sudden Appearance Of Ivan-Tsarevich1:37
Level Up1-9Scene 1: The Princesses' Khorovod (Round Dance)3:43
Level Up1-10Scene 1: Daybreak - Ivan-Tsarevich Enters Kashchei's Palace1:32
Level Up1-11Scene 1: Magic Carillion, Appearance Of Kashchei's Guardian Monsters And The Capture Of Ivan-Tsarevich - Arrival Of Kashchei The Immortal - Kashchei's Dialogue With Ivan-Tsarevich - Intercession Of The Princesses - Appearance Of The Firebird5:41
Level Up1-12Scene 1: Dance Of The Kashchei's Retinue, Under The Firebird's Spell0:45
Level Up1-13Scene 1: Infernal Dance Of All Of Kashchei's Subjects4:43
Level Up1-14Scene 1: Lullaby (The Firebird) - Kashchei Wakes Up - Death Of Kashchei - Deep Shadows5:17
Level Up1-15Scene 2: Disappearance Of The Palace And Dissolution Of Kashchei's Enchantments; Animation Of The Petrified Knights; General Rejoicing3:13
Petrushka (1910/1): Burlesque In 4 Scenes
ConductorPierre Boulez
Level Up2-1Scene 1: The Shrovetide Fair - Legerdemain Scene - Russian Dance9:57
Level Up2-2Scene 2: Petrushka's Room4:30
Level Up2-3Scene 3: The Moor's Room - Dance Of The Ballerina - Waltz: The Ballerina And The Moor - Petrushka7:02
Level Up2-4Scene 4: The Shrovetide Fair - Dance Of The Nursemaids - The Peasant And The Bear - The Jovial Merchant With Two Gypsy Girls - Dance Of The Coachmen And Grooms - The Masqueraders - The Fight: The Moor And Petrushka - Death Of Petrushka13:29
The Rite Of Spring (1911-13): Scenes Of Pagan Russia In 2 Parts
ConductorPierre Boulez
Level Up2-5Part 1: The Adoration Of The Earth: Introduction - The Augurs Of Spring (Dances Of The Young Girls) - Game Of Abduction - Spring Rounds - Games Of The Rival Tribes - Procession Of The Sage - Adoration Of The Earth - The Sage - Dance Of The Earth15:55
Level Up2-6Part 2: The Sacrifice: Introduction - Mystic Circles Of The Young Girls - Glorification Of The Chosen One - Evocation Of The Ancestors - Ritual Action Of The Ancestors - Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)17:27
Le Rossignol - Lyric Tale In 3 Acts (1908-14)
Baritone Vocals [The Emperor Of China]Neil Howlett
Bass Vocals [Japanese Envoy]Brindley Sherratt
Bass Vocals [The Bonze]Michael George (3)
Bass Vocals [The Chamberlaine]John Tomlinson (2)
ChorusBBC Singers
ConductorPierre Boulez
Contralto Vocals [Death]Elizabeth Laurence
Libretto By, Adapted By (Text)Igor Stravinsky, Stepan Mitousov
Soprano Vocals [The Cook]Felicity Palmer
Soprano Vocals [The Nightingale]Phyllis Bryn-Julson
Tenor Vocals [Japanese Envoy]Gareth Roberts, Ian Kennedy (2)
Tenor Vocals [The Fisherman]Ian Caley
Level Up3-1Act I: Introduction3:24
Level Up3-2Act I: "Nevod Brosal Nebesnyy Dukh" (Fisherman)4:22
Level Up3-3Act I: "Akh! S Neba Vysoty Blesnuv" (Nightingale, Fisherman)2:28
Level Up3-4Act I: "Vot I Dostigli My Opushki Lesa" (Cook, Chorus, Chamberlain, Bonze, Nightingale)4:15
Level Up3-5Act I: "Akh! Pen'yu Solov'ya Vsego Priyatneye Vnimat'" (Nightingale, Chorus, Bonze, Chamberlain, Fisherman)2:52
Level Up3-6Act II: Entr'acte (Courants D'Air) - "Ognya, Ognya" (Chorus, Cook, Chamberlain)2:15
Level Up3-7Act II: Marche Chinoise - "Velikiy Imperator" (Chamberlain)3:36
Level Up3-8Act II: Chant Du Rossignol - "Akh! Serdtse Dobroye" (Nightingale, Emperor, Chorus, Chamberlain, Japanese Envoys)5:37
Level Up3-9Act II: Jeu Du Rossignol Mécanique - "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk..." (Chorus, Emperor, Chamberlain, Fisherman's Voice)3:47
Level Up3-10Act III: Introduction - "My Vse Pred Toboy" (Chorus, Emperor, Nightingale)6:17
Level Up3-11Act III: "Mne Slushat' Nravitsya" (Death, Nightingale, Emperor)4:52
Level Up3-12Act III: Cortège Solennel - "Zdravstvuyte" (Emperor, Fisherman's Voice)2:21
Le Chant Du Rossignol - Symphonic Poem (1917)
ConductorPierre Boulez
Level Up3-13Introduction2:25
Level Up3-14Marche Chinoise3:29
Level Up3-15Chant Du Rossignol3:32
Level Up3-16Jeu Du Rossignol Mécanique11:20
4-1Renard (1915/6): A Burlesque In Song And Dance
Baritone VocalsDerek Hammond-Stroud
Bass VocalsRobert Lloyd (4)
ConductorRiccardo Chailly
Libretto By, Adapted By (Text)Igor Stravinsky
OrchestraLondon Sinfonietta
Tenor VocalsNeil Jenkins, Philip Langridge
The Soldier's Tale (1918): To Be Read, Played And Danced In 2 Parts
Libretto ByCharles-Ferdinand Ramuz
NarratorJohn Gielgud
Speech [The Devil]Ron Moody
Speech [The Soldier]Tom Courtenay
Translated ByKitty Black, Michael Flanders
Level Up4-2Part 1: The Soldier's March - "Down A Hot And Dusty Road" (Narrator)1:47
Level Up4-3Part 1: "Phew, This Isn't A Bad Sort Of Spot" (Narrator, Soldier)0:58
Level Up4-4Part 1: Music For Scene 1: Airs By A Stream2:27
Level Up4-5Part 1: "Enter The Devil" (Narrator, Devil, Soldier)4:01
Level Up4-6Part 1: The Soldier's March - "Down A Hot And Dusty Road" (Narrator)1:33
Level Up4-7Part 1: "Hurray, Here We Are! We're Home At Last!" (Narrator)2:40
Level Up4-8Part 1: Music For Scene 2: Pastorale4:07
Level Up4-9Part 1: "The Devil Is Standing There" (Narrator, Soldier, Devil)1:48
Level Up4-10Part 1: Music For The End Of Scene 20:55
Level Up4-11Part 1: "He Took Up The Book" (Narrator)2:24
Level Up4-12Part 1: Airs By A Stream - "Just To Stretch Out On The Grass" (Narrator)2:28
Level Up4-13Part 1: "They Have Nothing - And Yet They Have It All" (Narrator, Soldier, Devil)3:09
Level Up4-14Part 1: Music For Scene 3: Airs By A Stream - "The Devil Has Disappeared" (Narrator)1:01
Level Up4-15Part 2: The Soldier's March - "Down A Hot And Dusty Road" (Narrator)1:39
Level Up4-16Part 2: "Now He Comes To Another Land" (Narrator)2:12
Level Up4-17Part 2: The Royal March2:30
Level Up4-18Part 2: "They Gave The Word For The Band To Play" (Narrator, Soldier, Devil)4:11
Level Up4-19Part 2: The Little Concert - "Princess, Now We Can Safely Say" (Narrator)3:04
Level Up4-20Part 2: 3 Dances: 1. Tango2:23
Level Up4-21Part 2: 3 Dances: 2. Valse1:52
Level Up4-22Part 2: 3 Dances: 3. Ragtime - "The Soldier Holds The Princess Close" (Narrator)2:19
Level Up4-23Part 2: The Devil's Dance - "The Devil's Exhausted" (Narrator)1:23
Level Up4-24Part 2: Little Chorale0:47
Level Up4-25Part 2: The Devil's Song - "All Right! I Shall Have To Wait" (Devil)0:45
Level Up4-26Part 2: Great Chorale - "You Must Not Seek To Add" (Narrator)3:40
Level Up4-27Part 2: "I Have Everything, He Thinks" (Narrator)1:58
Level Up4-28Part 2: Triumphal March Of The Devil2:00
Pulcinella (1919/20): Ballet With Song In One Act, Based On Music By Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Domenico Gallo, Fortunato Chelleri, Alessandro Parisotti
Level Up5-1Overture (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 1 In G Major, Movt. 1)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Level Up5-2Seranata: "Mentre L'Erbetta, Pasce L'Agnella" (Tenor) (Pergolesi, Il Flaminio, Act I, Polidoro's Pastorale)2:58
Level Up5-3Scherzino (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 2 In B Flat Major, Movt. 1)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Level Up5-4Più Vivo (Pergolesi, Il Flaminio, Act III, Checca's Canzona)0:12
Level Up5-5Allegro (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 2 In B Flat Major, Movt. 3)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Level Up5-6Andantino (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 8 In E Flat Major, Movt. 1)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Level Up5-7Allegro (Pergolesi, Lo Frate 'nnamorato, Act I, Vanella's Aria)1:39
Level Up5-8"Contento Forse Vivere" (Soprano) (Pergolesi, Luce Degli Occhi Miei (Cantata))2:01
Level Up5-9Allegro Assai (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 3 In C Minor, Movt. 3)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Level Up5-10"Con Queste Paroline" (Bass) (Pergolesi, Il Flaminio, Act I, Vastiano's Aria)2:14
Level Up5-11"Sento Dire: No'ncé Pace" (Soprano, Tenor, Bass) (Pergolesi, Lo Frate 'nnamorato, Act III, Ascanio's Arioso) - "Chi Disse Ca la Femmena" (Tenor, Soprano) (Pergolesi, Lo Frate 'nnamorato, Act II, Vanella's Canzona)6:31
Level Up5-12Allegro (Alla Breve) (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 7 In G Minor, Movt. 3)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Level Up5-13Tarantella (Chelleri (?), Concerto No. 6 In B Flat Major, Movt. 4)
Composed ByFortunato Chelleri
Level Up5-14"Se Tu M'Ami" (Soprano) (Parisotti (?), Arie Antiche)
Composed ByAlessandro Parisotti
Level Up5-15Allegro (Anon., Suite For Harpsichord No. 1 In E Major, Rondò)
Composed ByAnonymous
Level Up5-16Gavotta Con Due Variazioni (Anon., Suite For Harpsichord No. 3 In D Major)
Composed ByAnonymous
Level Up5-17Vivo (Pergolesi, Sonata For Violoncello And B.c. In F Major, Movt. 4)1:30
Level Up5-18"Pupillette, Fiammette D'Amore" (Soprano, Tenor, Bass) (Pergolesi, Lo Frate 'nnamorato, Act I, Don Pietro's Canzona)2:20
Level Up5-19Allegro Assai (Gallo, Trio Sonata No. 12 In E Major, Movt. 3)
Composed ByDomenico Gallo
Mavra (1921/2): Opera Buffa In One Act
Contralto Vocals [The Mother]Anna Matyushina*
Libretto By, Adapted By (Text)Boris Kochno
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [The Neighbour]Nina Postavnicheva*
Soprano Vocals [Parasha]Lyudmila Belobragina*
Tenor Vocals [The Hussar, later disguised as Cook]Nikolai Gutorovich*
Text ByAlexander Pushkin*
Level Up5-20Overture2:38
Level Up5-21"Drug Moy Milyy" (Parasha)1:45
Level Up5-22"Kolokol'chiki Zvenyat" (Hussar)0:57
Level Up5-23"U Pesen Vsekh Slova Odni" (Parasha, Hussar)1:34
Level Up5-24"Moya Strast' Sil'neye Stanovitsya" (Parasha, Hussar)1:13
Level Up5-25"Izbavi Bog Prislugu" (Mother, Parasha)0:49
Level Up5-26"Net, Ne Zabyt' Vo Veki Mne Pokoynitsu" (Mother)2:36
Level Up5-27"Zhelayu Zdravstvovat'!" (Neighbour, Mother)3:37
Level Up5-28"Gde Tak Dolgo Ty Byla?" (Mother, Neighbour, Parasha, Cook)3:27
Level Up5-29"Parasha!" / "Ya, Vasiliy Milyy!" (Parasha, Cook)0:35
Level Up5-30"Ya Pamyat'yu Ne Izmenyu" (Parasha, Cook)4:53
Level Up5-31"Parasha!" / "Slyshish'?" (Mother, Parasha, Cook)0:51
Level Up5-32"Ya Zhdu, Ya Zhdu Pokorno" (Cook)3:07
Level Up5-33"Pozhaluy Vremya Nastupilo Pobrit'sya" (Cook, Mother, Parasha, Neighbour)1:45
Les Noces (Svadebka) (1914-23): Russian Choreographic Scenes With Song And Music
Bass VocalsPaul Hudson (4)
Chorus MasterNicholas Cleobury
ConductorLeonard Bernstein
Libretto ByIgor Stravinsky
Mezzo-soprano VocalsPatricia Parker
Soprano VocalsAnny Mory
Tenor VocalsJohn Mitchinson
Level Up6-1Part 1: 1. At The Bride's House (The Tresses): "Kosa L' Moya Ko"5:18
Level Up6-2Part 1: 2. At The Bridegroom's House: "Prechistaya Mat', Khodi"5:38
Level Up6-3Part 1: 3. The Departure Of The Bride: "Blagoslavlyalsya Svetyël Mesyats"2:57
Level Up6-4Part 2: 4. The Wedding Feast: "Yagoda S Yagodoy Sokatilasya"9:55
Oedipus Rex (1926/7): Opera-Oratorio In 2 Acts
Baritone Vocals [Creon, Messenger]James Morris (5)
Bass Vocals [Tiresias]Jan-Hendrik Rootering
Chorus MasterMargaret Hillis
ConductorJames Levine (2)
Libretto By, Adapted By (Text)Jean Cocteau
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Jocasta]Florence Quivar
NarratorJules Bastin
Tenor Vocals [Oedipus]Philip Langridge
Tenor Vocals [Shepherd]Donald Kaasch
Text BySophocles
Translated By [Latin]Jean Daniélou
Level Up6-5Act I: "Spectateurs, Vous Allez Entendre" (Narrator) - "Caedit Nos Pestis" (Chorus, Oedipus)8:09
Level Up6-6Act I: "Voici Créon, Beau-Frère D'Œdipe" (Narrator) - "Respondit Deus" (Creon)3:34
Level Up6-7Act I: "Non Reperias Vetus Scelus" (Oedipus, Chorus)3:33
Level Up6-8Act I: "Œdipe Interroge La Fontaine De Vérité" (Narrator) - "Delie Exspectamus" (Chorus)2:32
Level Up6-9Act I: "Dicere Non Possum" (Tiresias, Oedipus)2:42
Level Up6-10Act I: "Invidia Fortunam Odit" (Oedipus)2:40
Level Up6-11Act I: "Gloria! Laudibus Regina Jocasta" (Chorus)1:03
Level Up6-12Act II: "La Dispute Des Princes Attire Jocaste" (Narrator)1:13
Level Up6-13Act II: "Gloria! Laudibus Regina Jocasta" (Chorus)1:04
Level Up6-14Act II: "Nonn' Erubescite, Reges" (Jocasta, Chorus, Oedipus)7:04
Level Up6-15Act II: "Ego Senem Cecidi" (Oedipus)2:19
Level Up6-16Act II: "Le Témoin Du Meurtre Sort De L'Ombre" (Narrator) - "Adest Omniscius Pastor" (Chorus, Messenger, Shepherd)3:08
Level Up6-17Act II: "Oportebat Tacere, Nunquam Loqui" (Shepherd)1:40
Level Up6-18Act II: "Nonne Monstrum Rescituri" (Oedipus)1:20
Level Up6-19Act II: "In Monte Reppertus Est" (Shepherd, Chorus, Oedipus) - "Et Maintenant, Vous Allez Entendre" (Narrator)3:36
Level Up6-20Act II: "Divum Jocastae Caput Mortuum" (Messenger, Chorus)0:40
Level Up6-21Act II: "Divum Jocastae Caput Mortuum" (Messenger, Chorus)2:15
Level Up6-22Act II: "Divum Jocastae Caput Mortuum" (Messenger, Chorus)2:54
Apollon Musagète (1927/8): Ballet In 2 Scenes
ConductorRiccardo Chailly
Level Up7-1Scene 1: Naissance D'Apollon4:33
Level Up7-2Scene 2: Variation D'Apollon. Apollon Et Les Muses3:10
Level Up7-3Scene 2: Pas D'Action. Apollon Et Les Trois Muses, Calliope, Polymnie Et Terpsichore4:32
Level Up7-4Scene 2: Variation De Calliope (L'Alexandrin)1:26
Level Up7-5Scene 2: Variation De Polymnie1:18
Level Up7-6Scene 2: Variation De Terpsichore1:36
Level Up7-7Scene 2: Variation D'Apollon2:16
Level Up7-8Scene 2: Pas De Deux. Apollon Et Terpsichore3:57
Level Up7-9Scene 2: Coda. Apollon Et Les Muses3:21
Level Up7-10Scene 2: Apothéose3:38
The Fairy's Kiss (1928): Ballet In 4 Scenes
ConductorOliver Knussen
Level Up7-11Scene 1: The Lullaby In The Storm: Andante2:40
Level Up7-12Scene 1: The Lullaby In The Storm: Allegro Sostenuto2:00
Level Up7-13Scene 1: The Lullaby In The Storm: (Fig. 27)2:03
Level Up7-14Scene 1: The Lullaby In The Storm: Andante - Vivace Agitato1:34
Level Up7-15Scene 2: A Village Fete: Tempo Giusto4:13
Level Up7-16Scene 2: A Village Fete: Valse2:44
Level Up7-17Scene 2: A Village Fete: Doppio Movimento - Più Mosso - Tempo Agitato Ma Giusto4:01
Level Up7-18Scene 3: At The Mill: Moderato3:14
Level Up7-19Scene 3: At The Mill: Allegretto Grazioso3:05
Level Up7-20Scene 3: At The Mill: Pas De Deux: A. Entrée. Moderato1:31
Level Up7-21Scene 3: At The Mill: Pas De Deux: B. Adagio3:14
Level Up7-22Scene 3: At The Mill: Pas De Deux: C. Variaton. Allegretto Grazioso1:13
Level Up7-23Scene 3: At The Mill: Pas De Deux: D. Coda. Presto2:04
Level Up7-24Scene 3: At The Mill: Scène. Andante Non Tanto4:53
Level Up7-25Scene 4: Berceuse Of The Eternal Dwellings: L'Istesso Tempo (Più Lento)5:08
Persephone (1933/4): Melodrama In 3 Scenes
Level Up8-11. The Abduction Of Persephone9:08
Level Up8-22. Persephone In The Underworld22:42
Level Up8-33. Persephone Reborn16:15
Jeu de Cartes (1936): Ballet In 3 Deals
Level Up9-1First Deal5:24
Level Up9-2Second Deal9:22
Level Up9-3Third Deal8:04
Scènes De Ballet (1944)
Level Up9-4Introduction. Andante1:00
Level Up9-5Danses (Corps De Ballet). Moderato3:39
Level Up9-6Variation (Ballerine). Con Moto1:06
Level Up9-7Pantomime. Lento2:21
Level Up9-8Pas De Deux. Adagio3:03
Level Up9-9Pantomime. Agitato Ma Tempo Giusto0:44
Level Up9-10Variation (Danseur). Risoluto1:25
Level Up9-11Variation (Ballerine). Andantino1:16
Level Up9-12Pantomime. Andantino0:33
Level Up9-13Danses (Corps De Ballet). Con Moto1:13
Level Up9-14Apothéose. Poco Meno Mosso2:17
Orpheus (1947): Ballet In 3 Scenes
Level Up9-15Scene 1: Lento Sostenuto2:28
Level Up9-16Scene 1: Air De Danse. Andante Con Moto3:18
Level Up9-17Scene 1: L'Ange De La Mort Et Sa Danse. L'Istesso Tempo2:21
Level Up9-18Scene 1: Interlude. L'Istesso Tempo1:44
Level Up9-19Scene 2: Pas Des Furies. Agitato In Piano2:53
Level Up9-20Scene 2: Air De Danse (Orphée). Grave2:27
Level Up9-21Scene 2: Interlude. L'Istesso Tempo0:24
Level Up9-22Scene 2: Air De Danse (Conclusion). L'Istesso Tempo0:41
Level Up9-23Scene 2: Pas D'Action. Andantino Leggiadro1:50
Level Up9-24Scene 2: Pas De Deux. Andante Sostenuto5:15
Level Up9-25Scene 2: Interlude. Moderato Assai1:10
Level Up9-26Scene 2: Pas D'Action. Vivace2:22
Level Up9-27Scene 3: Apothéose D'Orphée. Lento Sostenuto2:46
The Rake's Progress
Baritone Vocals [Nick Shadow]Bryn Terfel
Bass Vocals [Keeper of the Madhouse]Julian Clarkson
Bass Vocals [Trulove, Anne's father]Martin Robson (2)
ConductorJohn Eliot Gardiner
Libretto ByChester Kallman, W. H. Auden
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Baba the Turk]Anne Sofie Von Otter
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Mother Goose]Anne Howells
Musical Assistance, HarpsichordAnthony Legge
Soprano Vocals [Anne Trulove]Deborah York
Tenor Vocals [Sellem, an auctioneer]Peter Bronder
Tenor Vocals [Tom Rakewell]Ian Bostridge
Level Up10-1Act I: Prelude0:32
Level Up10-2Act I, Scene 1: "The Woods Are Green" (Anne, Rakewell, Trulove)3:28
Level Up10-3Act I, Scene 1: "Anne, My Dear" (Trulove)0:52
Level Up10-4Act I, Scene 1: "Here I Stand" (Rakewell) - "Since It Is Not By Merit" (Rakewell)2:33
Level Up10-5Act I, Scene 1: "Tom Rakewell?" (Shadow, Rakewell)1:15
Level Up10-6Act I, Scene 1: "Fair Lady, Gracious Gentlemen" (Shadow) - "I Wished But Once" (Rakewell, Shadow, Anne, Trulove)5:00
Level Up10-7Act I, Scene 1: "I'll Call The Coachman, Sir" (Shadow, Trulove)0:11
Level Up10-8Act I, Scene 1: "Farewell For Now" (Anne, Rakewell)1:14
Level Up10-9Act I, Scene 1: "All Is Ready, Sir" (Shadow, Rakewell)0:46
Level Up10-10Act I, Scene 1: "Dear Father Trulove" (Rakewell) - "Laughter And Light" (Rakewell, Anne, Trulove, Shadow)2:54
Level Up10-11Act I, Scene 2: "With Air Commanding And Weapon Handy" (Chorus)2:30
Level Up10-12Act I, Scene 2: "Come, Tom" (Shadow, Rakewell, Mother Goose)3:17
Level Up10-13Act I, Scene 2: "Soon Dawn Will Glitter" (Chorus)0:36
Level Up10-14Act I, Scene 2: "Sisters Of Venus, Brothers Of Mars" (Shadow)0:56
Level Up10-15Act I, Scene 2: "Love, Too Frequently Betrayed" (Rakewell)2:44
Level Up10-16Act I, Scene 2: "How Sad A Song" (Chorus, Mother Goose)1:04
Level Up10-17Act I, Scene 2: "The Sun Is Bright, The Grass Is Green" (Chorus, Shadow)2:05
Level Up10-18Act I, Scene 3: "No Word From Tom" (Anne)1:56
Level Up10-19Act I, Scene 3: "Quietly, Night" (Anne, Trulove)2:11
Level Up10-20Act I, Scene 3: "My Father! Can I Desert Him" (Anne)1:00
Level Up10-21Act I, Scene 3: "I Go, I Go To Him" (Anne)2:42
Level Up10-22Act II, Scene 1: "Vary The Song, O London, Change!" (Rakewell)2:50
Level Up10-23Act II, Scene 1: "Nature, Green Unnatural Mother" (Rakewell)2:23
Level Up10-24Act II, Scene 1: "Always The Quarry" (Rakewell)1:34
Level Up10-25Act II, Scene 1: "Master, Are You Alone?" (Shadow, Rakewell)1:07
Level Up10-26Act II, Scene 1: "Come Master, Observe The Host" (Shadow)1:11
Level Up10-27Act II, Scene 1: "In Youth The Panting Slave" (Shadow)1:58
Level Up10-28Act II, Scene 1: "My Tale Shall Be Told" (Rakewell, Shadow)2:21
Level Up10-29Act II, Scene 2: Introduction1:50
Level Up10-30Act II, Scene 2: "How Strange" (Anne) - "O Heart Be Stronger" (Anne)3:28
Level Up10-31Act II, Scene 2: "Anne! Here!" (Rakewell, Anne)2:31
Level Up10-32Act II, Scene 2: "My Love, Am I To Remain In Here For Ever?" (Baba, Anne, Rakewell)0:58
Level Up10-33Act II, Scene 2: "Could It Then Have Been Known" (Anne, Rakewell, Baba)3:07
Level Up10-34Act II, Scene 2: "I Have Not Run Away" (Baba, Rakewell, Chorus)2:24
Level Up11-1Act II, Scene 3: "As I Was Saying" (Baba, Rakewell) - "Come, Sweet, Come" (Baba, Rakewell) - Scorned! Abused!" (Baba)3:33
Level Up11-2Act II, Scene 3: "My Heart Is Cold, I Cannot Weep" (Rakewell)0:21
Level Up11-3Act II, Scene 3: "Fa La La" (Shadow)1:04
Level Up11-4Act II, Scene 3: "Oh, I Wish It Were True" (Rakewell, Shadow)1:44
Level Up11-5Act II, Scene 3: "Thanks To This Excellent Device" (Rakewell, Shadow)1:39
Level Up11-6Act II, Scene 3: "Forgive Me, Master" (Shadow)2:20
Level Up11-7Act III, Scene 1: "Ruin, Disaster, Shame" (Chorus, Anne, Sellem)3:03
Level Up11-8Act III, Scene 1: "Ladies, Both Fair And Gracious" (Sellem)1:28
Level Up11-9Act III, Scene 1: "Who Hears Me, Knows Me" (Sellem, Chorus) - "Seven - Eleven" (Chorus, Sellem) - "Behold It, Roman, Moral" (Sellem, Chorus) - "Fifteen - And A Half" (Chorus, Sellem) - "Wonderful" (Sellem) - "An Unknown Object Draws Us" (Sellem, Chorus) - "Fifty - Fifty-Five" (Chorus, Sellem, Baba)3:31
Level Up11-10Act III, Scene 1: "Sold! Annoyed!" (Baba, Chorus, Rakewell, Shadow) - "Now What Was That!" (Chorus, Baba, Anne, Sellem)2:12
Level Up11-11Act III, Scene 1: "You Love Him" (Baba, Anne, Chorus, Sellem) - "If Boys Had Wings" (Rakewell, Shadow, Anne, Baba, Sellem, Chorus)4:02
Level Up11-12Act III, Scene 1: "I Go To Him" (Anne, Baba, Sellem, Chorus) - "Who Cares A Fig" (Rakewell, Shadow, Baba, Chorus)1:53
Level Up11-13Act III, Scene 2: Prelude2:06
Level Up11-14Act III, Scene 2: "How Dark And Dreadful Is This Place" (Rakewell, Shadow)4:14
Level Up11-15Act III, Scene 2: "Very Well, Then, My Dear And Good Tom" (Shadow, Rakewell)1:05
Level Up11-16Act III, Scene 2: "Well, Then" - "My Heart Is Wild With Fear" (Shadow, Rakewell, Anne)6:35
Level Up11-17Act III, Scene 2: "I Burn! I Burn! I Freeze!" (Shadow)2:17
Level Up11-18Act III, Scene 2: "With Roses Crowned" (Rakewell)1:23
Level Up11-19Act III, Scene 3: "Prepare Yourselves, Heroic Shades" (Rakewell) - "Madmen's Words Are All Untrue" (Chorus, Rakewell) - "Leave All Love And Hope Behind" (Chorus)3:22
Level Up11-20Act III, Scene 3: "There He Is. Have No Fear" (Keeper, Anne, Rakewell)0:56
Level Up11-21Act III, Scene 3: "I Have Waited" (Rakewell)1:01
Level Up11-22Act III, Scene 3: "In A Foolish Dream" (Rakewell, Anne)2:36
Level Up11-23Act III, Scene 3: "I Am Exceedingly Weary" (Rakewell)0:57
Level Up11-24Act III, Scene 3: "Gently, Little Boat" (Anne)3:00
Level Up11-25Act III, Scene 3: "Anne, My Dear, The Tale Is Ended Now" (Trulove, Anne)0:50
Level Up11-26Act III, Scene 3: "Every Wearied Body" (Anne, Trulove)1:38
Level Up11-27Act III, Scene 3: "Where Art Thou, Venus?" (Rakewell, Chorus)2:51
Level Up11-28Act III, Scene 3: "Mourn For Adonis" (Chorus)1:39
Level Up11-29Epilogue: "Good People, Just A Moment" (Anne, Baba, Rakewell, Shadow, Trulove)2:29
Agon (1953-57): Ballet For 12 Dancers
Level Up12-1Pas De Quatre1:49
Level Up12-2Double Pas De Quatre1:27
Level Up12-3Triple Pas De Quatre. Coda1:01
Level Up12-4Prelude0:57
Level Up12-5First Pas De Trois: A. Saraband Step1:24
Level Up12-6First Pas De Trois: B. Gailliarde1:19
Level Up12-7First Pas De Trois: C. Coda1:28
Level Up12-8Interlude0:56
Level Up12-9Second Pas De Trois: A. Bransle Simple0:59
Level Up12-10Second Pas De Trois: B. Bransle Gay0:47
Level Up12-11Second Pas De Trois: C. Bransle Double1:45
Level Up12-12Interlude0:57
Level Up12-13Pas De Deux4:31
Level Up12-14Coda1:41
Level Up12-15Four Duos0:36
Level Up12-16Four Trios - Coda2:32
The Flood (1961/2): Musical Play For Three Solo Voices, Speakers, Chorus And Orchestra
Adapted By (Text)Robert Craft
Bass Vocals [God, Noah's Son]David Wilson-Johnson, Stephen Richardson (2)
Chorus MasterJames Wood (4)
ConductorOliver Knussen
NarratorMichael Berkeley
OrchestraLondon Sinfonietta
Speech [Noah's Wife]Lucy Shelton
Speech [Noah]Bernard Jacobson
Tenor Vocals [Lucifer/Satan, Caller]Peter Hall (8)
Level Up12-17Prelude: "Te Deum Laudamus" (Chor, Narrator, God, Lucifer/Satan)5:46
Level Up12-18Melodrama: "In A Worm's Likeness Will He Wend" (Narrator, Satan, God, Noah)3:49
Level Up12-19The Building Of The Ark (Choreography)2:32
Level Up12-20The Catalogue Of The Animals: "The Lord Bade That I Should Bring" (Noah, Caller)1:32
Level Up12-21The Comedy (Noah And His Wife): "Wife, Come In!" (Noah, Noah's Wife, Noah's Sons)1:35
Level Up12-22The Flood (Choreography)2:34
Level Up12-23The Covenant Of The Rainbow: "A Covenant, Noah, With Thee I Make" (God, Noah, Satan, Narrator, Chor)3:30
Orchestral Music
Symphony In E Flat Major Op. 1 (1905-07)
ConductorMikhail Pletnev
Level Up13-11. Allegro Moderato11:05
Level Up13-22. Scherzo. Allegretto5:40
Level Up13-33. Largo11:24
Level Up13-44. Finale. Allegro Molto7:22
13-5Scherzo Fantastique Op. 3 (1907/8)
ConductorPierre Boulez
13-6Feu D'Artifice Op. 4 (1908)3:55
4 Études For Orchestra (1928/9): Arr. Of 3 Pieces For String Quartet (1914) And Étude For Pianola (1917)
Level Up13-71. Danse. Con Moto0:59
Level Up13-82. Excentrique. Moderato2:11
Level Up13-93. Cantique. Largo3:38
Level Up13-10Madrid. Allegro Con Moto2:48
13-11Song Of The Volga Boatmen Arr. For Wind Instruments And Percussion (1917)
ConductorRobert Craft
13-12Ragtime For 11 Instruments (1917/8)4:31
13-13Symphonies Of Wind Instruments (1920)
ConductorPierre Boulez
Suite No. 1 For Small Orchestra (1925): Arr. Of Nos. 1-4 From 5 Easy Pieces For Piano Duet
Level Up14-11. Andante1:20
Level Up14-22. Napolitana1:13
Level Up14-33. Española1:09
Level Up14-44. Balalaika0:59
Suite No. 2 For Small Orchestra (1915-21): Arr. Of 3 Easy Pieces For Piano Duet And No. 5 From 5 Easy Pieces For Piano Duet
Level Up14-51. March1:16
Level Up14-62. Waltz2:01
Level Up14-73. Polka1:00
Level Up14-84. Galop1:48
Concerto For Piano And Wind Instruments (1923/4)
Level Up14-91. Largo - Allegro7:13
Level Up14-102. Largo6:25
Level Up14-113. Allegro4:37
Capriccio For Piano And Orchestra (1928/9)
Level Up14-121. Presto6:22
Level Up14-132. Andante Rapsodico5:51
Level Up14-143. Allegro Capriccioso Ma Tempo Giusto5:08
Violin Concerto In D (1931)
ConductorPaul Sacher
Level Up14-151. Toccata5:51
Level Up14-162. Aria I4:09
Level Up14-173. Aria II5:13
Level Up14-184. Capriccio5:49
Divertimento (1934): Arr. From The Ballet The Fairy's Kiss
ConductorSemyon Bychkov
OrchestraOrchestre De Paris
Level Up15-11. Sinfonia6:15
Level Up15-22. Danses Suisses7:00
Level Up15-33. Scherzo3:49
Level Up15-44. Pas De Deux. Adagio3:49
Level Up15-54. Pas De Deux. Variation1:21
Level Up15-64. Pas De Deux. Coda2:37
15-7Praeludium For Jazz Ensemble (1936/7)1:58
Concerto In E Flat Major "Dumbarton Oaks" For Chamber Orchestra (1937/8)
ConductorPierre Boulez
Level Up15-81. Tempo Giusto4:52
Level Up15-92. Allegretto5:17
Level Up15-103. Con Moto5:16
Symphony In C (1938-40)
Level Up15-111. Moderato Alla Breve9:31
Level Up15-122. Larghetto Concertante6:16
Level Up15-133. Allegretto5:05
Level Up15-144. Largo - Tempo Giusto, Alla Breve7:30
Danses Concertantes For Chamber Orchestra (1940-42)
Level Up16-11. Marche-Introduction. ♩ = 962:00
Level Up16-22. Pas D'Action. Con Moto3:29
Level Up16-33. Thème Varié. Lento - Var. I-Iv8:19
Level Up16-44. Pas De Deux. Risoluto5:36
Level Up16-55. Marche-Conclusion. ♩ = 960:56
16-6Circus Polka For A Young Elephant (1942)
ConductorRafael Kubelik
Four Norwegian Moods (1942)
ConductorRiccardo Chailly
Level Up16-71. Intrada2:21
Level Up16-82. Song2:44
Level Up16-93. Wedding Dance1:21
Level Up16-104. Cortège2:14
Ode (1943): Elegiacal Chant In 3 Parts For Orchestra
ConductorOliver Knussen
Level Up16-11Eulogy. Lento3:45
Level Up16-12Eclogue. Con Moto2:45
Level Up16-13Epitaph. Lento3:26
16-14Scherzo À La Russe (1945)3:40
Symphony In 3 Movements (1942-45)
Level Up16-151. ♩ = 16010:05
Level Up16-162. Andante6:14
Level Up16-172. Interlude. L'Istesso Tempo0:25
Level Up16-183. Con Moto6:11
17-1Ebony Concerto For Clarinet And Jazz Band (1945)
ClarinetMichel Arrignon
ConductorPierre Boulez
Concerto In D For String Orchestra (1946)
Level Up17-21. Vivace5:55
Level Up17-32. Arioso. Andantino2:36
Level Up17-43. Rondo. Allegro3:18
17-5Concertino For 12 Instruments (1952): Arr. Of Concertino For String Quartet6:21
17-6Tango For 19 Instruments (1953): Arr. Of Tango For Piano3:26
17-7Greeting Prelude After C. F. Summy's Happy Birthday To You (1955) For The 80th Birthday Of Pierre Monteux0:57
Movements For Piano And Orchestra (1958/9)
Level Up17-81. ♪ = 1103:18
Level Up17-92. ♪ = 521:39
Level Up17-103. ♪ = 721:01
Level Up17-114. ♪ = 801:46
Level Up17-125. ♪ = 1041:54
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