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January 22, 2011
referencing High, 12", CR060

There are tracks that you hear and you're instantly drawn to, and wonder how it could not have gotten more recognition.

I purchased this vinyl at the local record store back in 2003. I'm not a fan of Cyber Records (great underground label but it's just a taste issue) but when I saw that Chab did a remix, I listened to it and instantly it became part of my record collection.

The best way to describe the Chab remix is that it's deep progressive house done properly. It begins with deep hypnotic bass drums and congas. A layer of music starts to ensue. Then another layer of sound washes in, but none of the sounds over power each other. A baseline kicks in and a wonderful sexy female vocal begins, adding another level of sophistication. It's a peak time track but never explodes. It builds momentum and intensity slowly. It's simply a track that can't be improved on. Every sound is integral and flows beautifully. Furthermore, what I appreciate most about this remix is its timeless sound. When Chab did the remix, he didn't go for any clichéd sounds (flavor of the month sound) but rather relied on quality textured sounds. I still play this hidden gem to this day.

There are tracks in everyone's collection that few have or know of. Illay's & Beat C's "High" (Chab remix) seems to be one of those tracks that didn't get a lot of recognition but when I play this track I'm always asked what new release I'm playing.