Inca Eyeball ‎– I've Just Come In Off The Boat

Fusetron ‎– FUSE 013
Vinyl, 7"


A1 Be Careful You Don't Pull Your Eye Out 0:37
A2 My Skeleton Speaks Spanish 0:23
A3 Death Of A Mischevous Creature 0:25
A4 Declaration Of Independence 0:27
A5 Parrot Dies In Church 0:30
A6 The Subconscious Is Not Such A Dangerous Thing, You Know 0:08
A7 This One's Fer Me Mate II 0:33
A8 Walking On The Water Is Top Comedy 0:19
A9 The Day I Kissed Nate Tate On The Mouth 0:20
A10 Vines Hats Heads 0:26
A11 The Day I Kissed A Naughty Whelk On The Mouth 0:20
A12 <-> IV 0:24
A13 Exposition For A Potential John Stevens Memorial 0:29
A14 The Day I Kissed Mister + Missus Muck On The Mouth 0:10
A15 Triangle 0:03
A16 Voltage Of Air Rifle 0:38
A17 By Placing Your Finger Alongside Of Your Teeth You Can Make A Sound Which Will Change The World 0:50
A18 Lip + Hit Me 0:03
A19 Fine Alphabet Fetish 0:25
B1 Skiwear Just Looks Stupid 0:37
B2 Your Eyebrows Were A Deciding Factor 1:09
B3 The Day I Kissed 6 Brown Brothers On The Mouth 0:37
B4 Rock 'N' Roll Is Crazy 0:30
B5 Map Of Manchester Used As Toilet Paper 0:16
B6 Don't Think It Don't Say It 0:21
B7 Move To The Beat 1988 0:26
B8 Chipped Chrome, Concrete Monstrous 0:12
B9 Fake Guitar 0:03
B10 Top Shellsuits 0:31
B11 Instrumental With My Gun 0:01
B12 Am I Wasting My Time Counting The Change 0:08
B13 Wigger Onanie 0:38
B14 Lost His Leg In A Lively Game Of Lego 0:19
B15 The Quickest Way To Get The Keys To The City Of Stoke-On-Trent Is To Paint The Psychic TV Logo On The Side Of The Twyfords Factory 0:42
B16 The Day I Kissed Maxine Buttery On The Mouth 0:15
B17 Video Footage Of Coughing Blab-er 0:19
B18 Cassle 0:12
B19 Macho Rhythm 0:16
B20 Clinking Pit 0:13