Inca Eyeball ‎– Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude

Union Pole ‎– UP38
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition


A1 Rock N Roll Was My Parents` Generation, I Prefer NoisAnd Techno 0:48
A2 Don`t Forget Your Bog Brush 0:23
A3 Nubian Bile 0:37
A4 Get Your Americans Off 0:47
A5 The Day I Dragged Someone, The Spitting Image Of Lol Coxhill, Kicking + Screaming From A Chimp`s Tea Party 0:27
A6 Pittance Scare 0:04
A7 Tu Kord Inca 0:23
A8 Ain`t That A Real Clapper For Ya 0:57
A9 Watching Salo On Fast Forward 0:36
A10 Come In A Flute 0:25
A11 The Day I Kissed The Boy Who Rang Childrens` BBC To Ask Aswad What They Thought Of Twats On The Mouth 1:11
A12 Homocidal 0:03
A13 Treetle 0:18
A14 Fancy Buffy Will 0:23
A15 Senseless Things Song 0:25
A16 Humpy Sodden Leafs 0:28
A17 Decadent Waiter 0:47
A18 French Stock Of Gruelling Notes 0:38
A19 My Sons Glowing Tooth 0:10
A20 Sick Of Salt 0:18
A21 Oboe Dramatis 0:09
A22 1992 Conkers Tournament, I Lost 0:30
A23 Trouble At The Targetshop Talent Contest 0:17
A24 Glittering Golden Affray 0:06
A25 I Always Knew You`d Go Against The Dice 0:02
A26 Expose For My Tiny Pen 0:16
A27 The Day I Kissed Some Super Models On The Mouth 0:15
A28 Strangulated Beatoffs 0:09
A29 The Day I Kissed No-One On The Mouth 0:23
A30 Mucky Pie Song 0:39
A31 The Day I Kissed Lee Sharp On The Mouth 0:31
A32 Nasty Shack 0:47
A33 Can You 0:14
A34 Oh Sitars, Blues 0:25
A35 Stack Of Fatusi 0:46
A36 I Loved My Dog, The Hollow Juicy Bastard 0:21
A37 The Day I Kissed Donna Matthews On The Mouth 0:08
A38 Carpenters On CD 0:11
A39 Mother`s Shoes Won`t Fit Me 0:46
A40 Lipsmackin` Les Libbers 0:15
A41 Chew The Fat Off 0:10
B1 Venus Beads 0:50
B2 The Day I Kissed Quidkid On The Mouth 0:37
B3 If You Reach, You Can Turn Off The Tape 0:03
B4 The Lord Might Heel Your Shoe 0:11
B5 Finger Is Hoofy 0:11
B6 Nink 0:02
B7 Drinking Black + White Stuff In An Attempt To Unearth The Primal Sociological Truths 0:20
B8 Nink 2 0:02
B9 The Day I Kissed Nobody On The Mouth 0:21
B10 Grunts For Silk 0:14
B11 Gill-San 0:16
B12 00 And 0 0:26
B13 How To Rip Off Bitch Magnet And Get Away With It, Credibility Entirely Intact 0:21
B14 Your Legs Are All Right, But What You Got Up Front Turns Me All The Way 0:51
B15 Ertis 0:30
B16 Girl From The Black Hospital Country 0:33
B17 Muller 0:30
B18 Mens Song 0:09
B19 I`m Being Good 0:35
B20 Fast Turning Hurts Your Ears 0:23
B21 Sexy Post Modern Groove 0:42
B22 Noise CD Disliked, Emits Some Funny Noises 0:23
B23 Night Spent On Exotic Vodkas 0:29
B24 Indecent Song, Adults Only Now ... 0:20
B25 Looking Into My Pension 1:32
B26 I Spoke Cantonese In My Subtitled GDRD Dream 0:04
B27 Where I`m From 0:08
B28 How To Record 200 Songs In Less Than A Minute 0:12
B29 Burst Lower Leg 1:00
B30 Spirea X 0:13
B31 Pumping To The Beat 0:13
B32 Help Me I`m Immoral 0:20
B33 Power Electronics Song 0:54
B34 Shivers 0:14
B35 Wavering Toward Senility 0:25
B36 Greenie 0:28
B37 It`s Only A Rope 0:17
B38 Bongo Hook 0:16
B39 Fag - End Realities 0:36
B40 Chase Me, Gorgeous 0:02
B41 Burst Lower Leg 0:14
B42 Womens Song 0:13