Incredible Weapons ‎– Incredible Weapons

Critical Heights ‎– CRITTER06


1 Foxglove's Advantage 2:45
2 Hammerhead 4:26
3 Holding Light 4:00
4 All Legs & Nobody 3:51



Incredible Weapons is the nom de plume of Hampshire's reclusive pop mastermind, Danny Gee. Happiest when brewing up mojo among tape reels and vintage equipment, Gee mines a deep seam of English songwriting gold: dig how the tape flutter and fuzz groove of "Hammerhead" lodges itself in your brain and has you straining for the volume knob to crank the tune skywards.

"Foxglove's Advantage" hits the pedal down further with its skinny harmonies and bucking guitars. Lines about 'crusty rolls' and 'bags of guts' spin into focus and we feel, as on many Incredible Weapons tracks, that we're overhearing the conversations of suburban kids; full of half-clocked references and wonderful one liners.

"Holding Light" takes us into more fragile territory as acoustics and brushed drums pare things back and lyrics become more plaintive than cryptic. It manages to feel desperate and comforting at the same time: 'If I mess it up, I guess we can start again'.

"All Legs and Nobody" extends this vibe further when Gee employs a veritable thrift store orchestra beneath his mantra 'Why things can't be just like they were before I don't know'. And just as we are reminded of Kes scored by Angelo Badalamenti, the whole things closes beautifully.

Incredible Weapons creates music that we can believe in, that we can hold on to. And you can't ask for more than that.