Internal Empty / Burn Ward / Xiphoid Dementia ‎– Untitled

Ghost King ‎– gk12, Existence Establishment ‎– EE03


Limited to 100 copies. The first 25 come in special hand made packaging.



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June 15, 2008
From Aural Pressure

The boys are back in town. The boys are back in fucking town. Riding in like the three horsemen of the apocalypse. Famine was having a day out at Pizza Hut so wasn't available for this trip. Greedy bastard. It sure does give me a warm feeling in the old grumble bag whenever a group of artists makes a welcome return. Long time no see Burn Ward and Xiphoid Dementia. How's it hanging? Not only that but they've brought along a new pal to make my acquaintance. Hi Internal Empty. Nice to meet you. Pleasures all mine. You from these parts? Don't really matter. You're in good company. What's this you've brought me? Whoa! A three way split Cdr. Fucking aces. Hope to fuck its a bit longer than the last split I heard from you boys off of Burn Ward and Xiphoid Dementia. Only joshing. But shit it was short in duration. Even you would agree with that. Still gave it a good review though. You sell many copies on the back of that? Yeah. No surprises there. People = Shit as those cunts from Slipknot so poignantly put it. Groovy looking cdr. Blue embossed on a black cdr. Class. A 7 tracker as well. Limited you say. 100 copies!! You boys are taking the piss again. Well nice meeting you. You can get back on your horses and fuck off now and let me get on with reviewing this thing.

Internal Empty start proceedings with one long 29 minute track titled A. L. W. S. P. M. I must have spent that amount of time just trying to figure out what it stood for. Personal pride and the fact I would look a proper twat saves me from showing you what I came up with. A. L. W. S. P. M. is an electronic drone / experimental piece with a black ambient roundabout feel to it. It kind of burbles and gurgles in all the right places with further excursions into rumbling excess which sounds better than described. Actually I wouldn't mind hearing more of this stuff so therefore it receives a big thumbs up. Well done Internal Empty.

Burn Ward follow with 5 tracks of incendiary noise. Very fucking loud noise. extreme noise. painful obscene noise. steam heat hot noise. That's gotta hurt. And it does. Red rag to a bull time. Coming in after the more delicate refined sounds generated by Internal Empty these fairly short, thank God for small mercies,blitzkriegs are genuinely upsetting. A hand grenade going off in the face. The screams. The Over The Top electronics. The oh its finished ll just go clean up the vomit off the carpet. You can expect the cleaning bill in the next post. Ball crunching sounds for squashed testicle lovers everywhere.

Rounding it all off comes this 24 minute coup de grace from Xiphoid Dementia. A mind blowing trip of electronic experimental fuckery that combines the noise of Burn Ward with the semi ambience of Internal Empty. Which fits in nicely with both those acts. This track titled ˜Abomination, which it seems to randomly stop / start but is actually meticulously planned. Thrown out. Reeled in. Thrown out. Reeled in. Calm then storm. Calm then storm. Which makes it sound like crud but you really have to hear it to experience it for yourself. The effect is one of complete disorientation. Musically akin to a peck on the cheek followed by a kick to the head. Repeated. Repeated. Repeated.

Haven't heard of these acts before? Now's your very limited chance. Catch em whilst they're Hot. A fine introduction to all three quality acts which will appeal more to the noise & drone freaks who peruse this site. Everyone else can find some other another party to crash.