Intestinal Disgorge ‎– Humiliated

CDr, EP, Numbered


1 No One Will Find Your Body 0:38
2 Bloated Remains 1:12
3 Masturbate 0:48
4 Kidnapped And Stabbed To Death 1:39
5 Petechial Hemorrhaging 0:26
6 Covered In Her Blood 0:59
7 Worms In Every Orifice 0:19
8 My Knife In Her Chest 0:37
9 Slurping Up Rancid Phlegm 0:40
10 Gagged And Tortured 1:02
11 Nursing Home Scat Party 1:04
12 Oh My God 0:11
13 Look At Me Bitch 0:47
14 Molesting Her Swollen Corpse 0:58
15 Twat 0:56
16 The Terror In Her Eyes 22:37



200 hand numbered copies. First 30 recieved complimentary Twodeadsluts
Onegoodfuck/Intestinal Disgorge split tapes.


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November 20, 2009

“Humiliated” marks a turning point in the strange career arc of Intestinal Disgorge. All of the releases prior to this EP feature two unique characteristics: an overabundance of noise and discordant chaos, and the “original” line up (meaning the same line-up as the first album). Many Intestinal Disgorge purists consider this to be the death knell of the band, as “Humiliated” introduces a new, catchy, almost-accessible style of noise/grind which alternates between traditional blasting grindcore, with elements of d-beat and crust, with the familiar noise/chaos segments of days of yore.

The inventiveness of this stylistic change should not be underestimated. The band seamlessly switches between old-school grindage, replete with traditional barking, growling, and screaming vocals, directly into fits of maddening chaos and noise, held together and kept on time by the steadily blasting drums. The effect is that now, instead of turning on an Intestinal Disgorge record and being reduced to limbless sludge by its sonic intensity, now you can get up and groove to the grind segments before being blasted back against the wall and, yes, reduced to limbless sludge.

The production on this EP is astounding. The guitars are powerful and clear, chunking and grinding along with a noticeable, powerful bass. Whereas the guitar and bass usually take a back seat to the drums and vocals in prior recordings, these elements are way out front now. The drums are extremely clear and powerful, with each element managing to come through the barrage of sounds that inevitably build into a ferocious crescendo during the noise segments of each track. And of course, the vocals are once again a shining factor. The familiar “bitch screams” of singer Pissy have now been augmented by the more juvenile sounding screams of new member Randy. There is even more variation in vocals than before, with all kinds of strange sounds and voice timbres occurring throughout the EP. And best of all, now you can sing along, as this EP features a printed lyric sheet, exposing some truly sick and strange curiosities on the part of the band.

This EP was released on the band’s own DIY label Pray For Death Productions in a limited edition of 200 copies on CDR format. The lightscribed disc came packaged in a black DVD case with glossy artwork and a lyric sheet, and many of the individuals who ordered the disc received the EP in a box stuffed with bible pages and pornographic pictures.