Introspect Void ‎– Reality is Defective

RuinNation Arts ‎– 003
CD, Album


1 Intro 0:43
2 Citadel 3:09
3 First 5:26
4 Gasping 5:21
5 Eye of the Devil 1:17
6 Hell's Basement 5:21
7 God is Fear 3:32
8 The Chosen 4:57
9 Innersphere & Tangent 3:28
10 Phantasm 5:15
11 Suffer Not 6:06
12 Moved On 4:33
13 Demcrossix 5:58
14 Re-start 5:08
15 New Abject 4:49
16 Citadel (Ver. 133) 3:55



From the Jan. 08 press release:

"Reality is Defective" is a cross
section of what Introspect Void has been working on for the last number of years and is the first (non-EP) full length CD since the release of the experimental "Communion" CD. "Reality is Defective" has evolved exponentially in comparison.

A number of different sounds were explored during the conception of R.I.D. along with IV's standard moody Industrial psychedelia. IV has been collecting, trading and experimenting with classic synths and drum brains, warping them into something new with filtering and mixing. DX7, DW-8000, K4 and SH101 sounds among others will poke through the cacophony of modern samplers and synths. Although you will be hard pressed to here them as such.

Some of the songs ideas may seem apparent but the meaning behind them will be left to the listeners interpretation. Abstract and surreal ideas define the meaning. Please draw your own conclusions. They will be the correct ones.