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September 16, 2017
referencing Skyliner (Remix) / U Don't Know, 12", DJ 008

Some might disagree but in my opinion this is the best mix of "Skyliner". It´s not as heavy as the original but I love the arrangement, it just manages to keeps you interested throughout the whole track. From the synths in the beginning that blend into those skipping beats and warm bassline to that moment when the whole tune opens up into melancholic strings and those lovely "ooh ooh heyeyey" vocals played in different keys. Then those piano sprinkles...It just builds and builds and oozes of musicality. Finally the fluffy piano breakdown arrives. If you aren´t melted by then you will as soon as the killer vocals return over that piano. One for the headphones crew to dream away to. One of my dearest tunes of all times, thanks for the music Graham Mew!

As this wasnt enough "You Don´t Know" is a very ruff with the very smooth banger: An intelligent Synthline introes the track and is accompanied by gritty amen edits that are fun to mix with the reversed snares. As a second beat tops the amen a sophisticated lady screams "Yeah", before the breakdown calms down and she moans "You Don´t Know what you do to me each time I see ya". The synths comes back and as all elements play together you´re sent off to heaven. The perfect end of the night tune. What really makes it special is the musicality paired with the absolute face melting beats.

It doesnt get better than this. If you ever needed a record by the Invisible Man let it be this. Don´t even get me started with The Beginning/ The End or Twisted though...those are Darkside classics that should be in everyones box too!


June 5, 2017
referencing Skyliner (Remix) / U Don't Know, 12", DJ 008

masterful remix on the A side and lush deep vibes on the AA side from one of the masters of this genre. A worthy addition in anyone's collection