Istinti Sonori ‎– Shortcast #2

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1.1 Mr Dendo Pongos (The Dark Mix)
1.2 Mr Dendo Adamante
1.3 Federico Romanzi FRC
1.4 Mr Dendo DnD2
1.5 LuHa MsM La Pompa
Composed By [Uncredited] – Luca Francini (2)
1.6 LuHa MsM Mente Despierta
Composed By [Uncredited] – Luca Francini (2), MindsJourney
1.7 Federico Romanzi JMM
1.8 Mr Dendo DnD27
1.9 LuHa MsM & Alemiasi Cefalea (Da Sforzo Fisico Mix)
Composed By [Uncredited] – Alessandro Miasi, Luca Francini (2), MindsJourney
1.10 LuHa MsM Morra Cinese
Composed By [Uncredited] – Luca Francini (2)
1.11 LuHa MsM Super Mario
1.12 Spaghetti Trip FBR
1.13 Federico Romanzi NGT
1.14 Federico Romanzi NNS
1.15 LuHa MsM Experiment 1
1.16 Mr Dendo Experiment 2
1.17 Federico Romanzi Experiment 3
1.18 Mr Dendo DnD11
1.19 Federico Romanzi YTN
1.20 Federico Romanzi PRT
1.21 Spaghetti Trip Mosca Matta
Composed By [Uncredited] – Davide Rodia, Federico Romanzi
1.22 Mr Dendo DnD22
1.23 Federico Romanzi Eternity
1.24 Federico Romanzi BSC
1.25 LuHa MsM Cerveza
Composed By [Uncredited] – Luca Francini (2)
1.26 LuHa MsM Bubbles
Composed By [Uncredited] – Luca Francini (2)
1.27 Mr Dendo Barzelletta
1.28 LuHa MsM Strizza
Composed By [Uncredited] – Luca Francini (2)

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Track duration: 17:30
File size: 16,0 MB

There is no tracklist given on the file. The titles of those tracks are provisory:

1.3: FRC
1.4: DnD2
1.7: JMM
1.8: DnD27
1.12: FBR
1.13: NGT
1.14: NNS
1.15: Experiment 1
1.16: Experiment 2
1.17: Experiment 3
1.18: DnD11
1.19: YTN
1.20: YTN
1.21: PRT
1.23: DnD22
1.25: BSC

Alternative track titles:

Track 1.5 "La Pompa" is also registered as "Pompa" in the SIAE database.
Track 1.6 "Mente Despierta" is also registered as "Ferrovie Dello Scasso" in the SIAE database.
Track 1.9 "Cefalea (Da Sforzo Fisico Mix)" is registered as "Cefalea" and "Let Me Hear You Ou" in the SIAE database.

Cover versions:

Track 1.7 "JMM" is an instrumental version of "Black But Sweet" by <a href=>Wilmoth Houdini</a>.
Track 1.11 "Super Mario" is a cover version of the famous <a href=>title song</a> of the Nintendo game "Super Mario Bros."
Track 1.17 "Experiment 3" is a cover version of "Bolivia Theme" by <a href=>Giorgio Moroder</a>.
Track 1.24 "Eternity" is an instrumental version of "<a href=>Eternity</a>" by Datura.


The vocals of track 1.10 "Morra Cinese" are sampled from the TV series "The Big Bang Theory".
The vocals of track 1.29 "Strizza" are sampled from "<a href=>Changes</a>" by 2Pac.