Itch-E + Scratch-E* ‎– Itch-E Kitch-E Koo



Awaken 10:29
Interference 6:51
The Immortals 4:39
Sweetness & Light 4:37
Morpheus 6:12
Friccion 5:45
The Point Of No Return (A Dub Adventure With Sheriff Lindo) 6:15
People Are Pumping 0:45
Woo Music 2:39
Asthma Attack (Itch-E + Scratch-E Vs Event Horizon) 5:16
Deep Immersion 1:18
Trancendental (A Harmonic Meeting With The Trancendental Anarchists) 6:51

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September 2, 2020
edited 6 months ago
referencing Itch-E Kitch-E Koo, CD, Album, VoltCD76

This truly is an amazing album. It takes the form of a journey, and while it did have a charting single, the intention was always to listen to it end to end, as an album.
Voyage 2.1 is the perfect intro which introduces light synth washes which actually give an indication that something amazing is about to happen. It builds and builds, and incorporates some operatic notes. The drum beat drops, modular synths appear, and we are away. The track plays out for over 10 minutes of sheer bliss. This is acid techno chill house music in shape shifting form with intricate changes and effects brought to to the fore by expert production.
Next up is Interference. By this stage we are in outer space. The cracking voice commands barely audible as the bass synth builds and builds. And builds. By the time it drops, we are circling the rings of Saturn, and all is fine in the universe.
The Immortals offers an Orb style chill out, as a respite from the journey thus far. Again a dissonant voice announces the possibility of cellular feelings which can come from within, among the now idling engine room pendulum throb, and tinkly piano notes. Relax, you've earned it.
Sweetness and Light kicks things back into hyperdrive with frenetic drums and bass. A blissed out 90s house tune if ever there was one.
Morpheus drops back a gear, but only slightly as we continue our planetary exploration. Layer upon layer of beats, clicks, swirls, vocal melodies, and synths fit snugly together as the track bounces along.
Voyage 2.2 is essentially a 10 second break. A pallet cleanser for the next leg of the journey.
Voyage 2.2 re-engages almost immediately with Friccion. A French(?) man repeats a statement which I've never understood... it matters not. Deep house is now the order. Another French man joins the track, again speaking words that I dont understand. This track is perhaps the companion to Sweetness and Light, as it is straight ahead dance floor bright sexy house. It is wild!
The Point Of No Return drops with the statement that there is only one place we can go now. My God, it gets intense! Just the slightest hint of happy hard core pepper the track and the energy levels go through the roof. Don't stop!
People Are Pumping is I think a little hint of humor. As it continues with what appears to be another even more hyped up dance tune, only to cut out abruptly.
Woo Music reminds us that we are back in outer space, with engines blurring and distant galaxies whizzing by. This is a site seeing opportunity not to be missed. I actually hear a nod or two to Pink Floyd dsotm era. Just a nod. Then... have we landed?
Athena Attack flips and flops awkwardly as we gain our bearings again. And then... doof doof, whoop whoop, the locals are going berserk. It could be an intergalactic tribal dance, or a welcoming celebration. This is surely the crescendo climax of the album and our journey.
Deep Immersion sounds like our journey to the centre of our new found planet. Drops of water echo around a vast and cavernous environment. Its time to meditate and reflect.
Transcendental is our intergalactic awakening. It gently lifts us from our meditative state, and brings back a nice beat. This tune still has elements of the cavern, and feels like our spirits have elevated to a realm of dance and pure joy. The track has elements which remind me of Sven Vaths Robot Ballet Dancer album. Eventually we return to our bodies. And prepare for the journey home.
What a trip.
What an absolutely essential electronic album.


February 23, 2014
referencing Itch-E Kitch-E Koo, CD, Album, VoltCD76
Absolutely outstanding album!