J. E. Sumrell* ‎– Blame The Conspiracy

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CD, Enhanced, Reissue


J. E. Sumrell portrayed the Songsmith except where noted. The Whole Sick Thing is dutifully ©1991.

Once again playing the Star of the Show - responsible for all instrumentation, production, "voices," eerie noises, and egomania - is none other than J. E. Sumrell. All blame may be directed toward him at P.O.Box 1547, Decatur GA 30031. Of course, you are requested to Blame The Conspiracy for all else. Lyrics available upon request.

Blame The Conspiracy was recorded in glorious stereo hi-fi in Columbus GA *smile when you say that, it was a place to sleep) on a State-O-De-Arte Yamaha 4-track analog recorder. Instruments include but are not limited to: a black Gibson Les Paul guitar (just like Robert Fripp), a black Fender Bullet Bass, a dark brown violin of questionable origin, a Sigma 12-String Acoustic guitar, a Martin 6-string acoustic guitar, a Roland TR-707 drum machine, a few drums that were just lying around, an Alesis Microverb, a black tambourine, Casio's fabulous CZ-3000 analog synth, Shure microphones, and a shitload of pedals and cables. It was a real mess.

The painting on the cover was created by She Who Cannot Be Named. The Star conveys his deepest gratitude.

Special thanks to L. M. Yoho, S. R. Hurlburt, and D. Ross.