J. Richard Suchman ‎– The Inquiry Development Program - An Inquiry Session With J. Richard Suchman

Vinyl, LP


A An Inquiry Session 1
B An Inquiry Session 2



Recording made by Calvin-Defrenes Corporation of Philidelphia.


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March 8, 2015
An inquiry session is a novel approach for 1966, but may seem rather trivial now. However the inquiry session is a foundation for modern education and is rooted in the scientific method. A short summary of this record is that the teacher conducts a science experiment in-front of the class and then works with the students to get them to ask questions about the experiment and why it happened. Listening to the kid's questions, it shows that they were used to a different teaching style, one that was primarily based on trusting their teachers and parroting the lessons. What the teacher is (painfully) trying to get the kids to realize (on their own) is the method of analysis and discovery. He proposes that they first formulate a theory, then ask questions to support or refute that theory, follow-up with testing those questions, and then revise their theory into one that supports the results of the testing. The kids have a hard time crossing the bridge between asking questions and proposing experiments. I believe this is because in prior classrooms, questions result in a answer from the teacher. However outside of a classroom, questions often do not have people to answer them. So this inquiry session is the best way to get kids to recognize that they have to learn how be self-reliant when it comes to discovery and education. That they must have an active role in learning. I would only recommend this record for educators or for educators to play for children to help them understand the process of an inquiry session. Non-educators or adults would likely find it rather boring and tedious to listen to. There is no music on the record, it is strictly a dialog.