JAPSHITFUN ‎– Lolicore Ruined My Life

Bubblegum Luv ‎– LUV003
42 × File, MP3, Album, VBR


1 12 Year Old Scene Bitch Squating On My 3 Inch Dick 0:19
2 "All Tracks Conveniently Just Over 30 Seconds For Maximum Scrobblage." 0:39
3 Forcing Toromi At Gun Point To Shit On My Tits 0:31
4 Why Did You Download This Lol 0:02
5 I Ran Out Of Ideas On The First Release 0:16
6 Playground Polaroids 0:38
7 The Novelty Wears Off After This Track 0:06
8 Goreshit Is Dead Because I Injected My Semen Into His Cunt 0:34
9 Lol These Song Titles Are Gay 0:21
10 Year Old Loli On VHS 0:28
11 Lolishit Is A Scene Faggot 0:33
12 Goreshit Sucks Dick 0:37
13 Fainaru 3 Needs To Get His Own Ideas And Stop Stealing Mine 0:33
14 Shimau Is A Yellow Gook Faggot 0:50
15 Loliripe Is A Dirty Swedish Faggot 0:50
16 Dont Call Yourself An Otaku If You Have Real Life Friends, Kid 0:07
17 If Someone Finds This Child Porn Folder In System32 I Am Fucking Dead 0:43
18 Putting All My Lolicon On My USB Stick So I Can Flush It Down The Toilet If The Police Come 0:42
19 Stalking A Japanese Schoolgirl Then Forcing Her To Piss 0:35
20 Are You Still Listening To This Shit 0:37
21 The Thing Is, I Have Never Actually Seen An Episode Of Lucky Star Lol 0:49
22 I Would Amputate My Legs To Be With These Girls 0:29
23 Self Inflicted Cuts To Pove My Love For You 0:53
24 Team Fortress 2 Furry Server Is Gay 0:49
25 Everyone On 4chan Is A Fake 0:35
26 Going To Africa As A Christian Aid Worker And Raping The Poor Black Kids 0:08
27 Adding A Distorted Gabba Kick To A Song And Calling It A Remix 0:02
28 Speeding Up Someone Elses Track And Calling It A Remix 0:03
29 Crying Myself To Sleep At Night Wishing I Could Experience Japanese School Life 0:34
30 Every Song Sounds The Same Lol 0:52
31 Lolis Luv Breakdowns 0:22
32 Lol Michael Jackson Died Because I Fucked His Dick With My Cock 0:35
33 My Dick Up Your 4 Your Old Daughters Cunt Is Moe XD 0:15
34 Grooming Young Children On Runescape 0:18
35 Crank Dat Peter Pan 0:52
36 I Bet You Cant Listen To All Of This 2:20
37 Magic Unicorn Forest 0:32
38 Suicidecore 0:21
39 Punching Your Girlfriend As Hard As You Can In The Face Then Saying I Love You 0:20
40 Fucking A Girl In The Pussy Then Taking A Huge Piss In Her Pussy And Saying "I Came" 0:31
41 Trailer Trash Lolis 0:54
42 Sucker Punchin' A Loli In The Jaw From Behind For The "Lulz" 0:40
43 This Is Our Little Secret 0:22
44 She Told Me She Was 4 0:47
45 If You Are Still Listening Congratulations 0:16
46 If She Crys When You Fuck Her Up The Ass Hit Her Harder 0:23
47 I Havent Left My Bed Room For 4 Days 0:13
48 Its Over. You Win. 0:04


Title also listed as "'Lolicore" Ruined My Life" on the artwork.