Jack Benny And Frank Knight ‎– Great Moments In Radio Volume 2

Evolution (3) ‎– 2009
Vinyl, LP, Album


The Great Radio Commedians (9:40)
A1a Bing Crosby And The Philco Radio Show
A1b Baron Munchausen
A1c Lum 'N' Abner
Radio Adventures And Drama (4:22)
A2a Terry And The Pirates
A2b Sergeant Preston
A2c Gangbusters
On The Spot Coverage Of Sports (10:50)
A3a The Dempsey-Tunney Fight
A3b Max Schmeling Defeats Joe Louis
A3c Max Baer, Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey Comment As Louis Defeats Schmeling
A3d Jesse Owens - 1936 Olympics
A3e Babe Ruth's Final Message
A3f Lou Gehrig Says Goodbye
The Classic Radio News Broadcasts (3:38)
B1a Station KDEA - First Election Returns
B1b President Coolidge Introduces Lindbergh To Congress
B1c Billy Sunday
B1d FDR Inauguration
Prelude To World Conflict (10:05)
B2a George V Funeral
B2b Edward VII Abdication
B2c George VI Coronation
B2d Chamberlain In Munich
B2e Hitler Declares War On Poland
B2f Chamberlain Declares War On Germany
B2g Churchill - "Give Us The Tools"
Radio Reports World War II (11:06)
B3a Pearl Harbor To Corregidor
B3b FDR - "Day Of Infamy" Declaration Of War
B3c Radio Operator Reports On Corregidor
B3d Eisenhower Announces "D-Day"
B3e Churchill On VE Day
B3f Truman - A-Bomb Attack On Hiroshima
B3g MacArthur At Signing Of The Peace Treaty