Jack Webb ‎– Just The Tracks, Ma'am: The Warner Bros. Recordings

Rhino Handmade ‎– RHM2 7711
CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered



Tracks 1-12 originally released as 'You're My Girl: Romantic Reflections by Jack Webb' on September 8, 1958.
Tracks 13-25 originally released as 'Pete Kelly Lets His Hair Down' on October 13, 1958.

Released in a standard jewel case with a 4-panel folded insert of liner notes and photos. Limited to 3,000 copies.

According to the liner notes, "Other than the listing in the [original] liner notes of Mr. McEachern playing 'trombone and alto sax,' or of Mr. May conducting '17 strings, a harp and some woodwinds,' no specific musician credits for 'You're My Girl' appear to survive in the Warner Bros. Archive. The tracks on 'Pete Kelly Lets His Hair Down' were grouped by color on the original album. Side A, tracks 13-18 on this collection, was 'The Blue Side.' Side B, tracks 19-25, was 'The Red Side.' ...It should be further noted that no production credits are listed, or survive in the Warner Bros. Archive for [the original LP releases] WS-1207 or WS-1217."

The musician credits for 'Pete Kelly' are listed in these liner notes without attribution to specific tracks, although on the original LP the musicians were credited on specific tracks only, as follows:

Eddie Miller, piano - 'Peacock' and 'Rouge'
Matty Matlock, clarinet - 'Turquoise' and 'Vandyke'
George Van Epps, guitar - 'Periwinkle' and 'Carnation'
Moe Schneider, trombone - 'Midnight' and 'Flame'
Ray Sherman, piano - 'Dresden' and 'Magenta'
Dick Cathcart, cornet - 'Sapphire' and 'Fire Engine'
Nick Fatool, drums - 'Lobster'
Jud De Naut, bass - 'Lobster'