James Bernard ‎– Inner Peace

James Bernard Music ‎– JBM002


1 Inner Peace 9:10
2 Apathetic 13:19
3 Cambod 8:33
4 Connected 6:43
5 Lag Inverter 5:29
6 SweptMod 10:31
7 Tribatek 8:34


Initially released as MP3 download only on www.lulu.com/jamesbernard, then on CDr via Discogs!



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June 18, 2011
edited over 6 years ago

Pleasure to comment here. Don't miss this one. James Bernard really is one of the most underated sound gurus out there. Production techniques and really to me, he just knows tones and frequencies so well. Mastering or really lack of, makes the sounds very much compliment each other well.

Track 1 has wonderful waves of bliss over deep but light bass tones and crisp harbor sounds that float you off on a boat under the night sky. Terrific bass notes scream for a subwoofer. You are going to want to play this loud. Track 2 rings in a faint flanging melody that is processed like a memory fading in to be remembered. Track 3 has an Asian tinge to it. Haunting sounding and spaced out sounds. Agressive acid and sound effects. Really sounds like machines and not plug ins. Track 4 gets into an almost 'Selected Ambient works' or'Classics' sounding stuff from AFX. But warmer. Almost like Autechre's early stuff. Can't go wrong there. Track 5 is like a 7th Plain versus Sensurreal sound. But with acid! Wow you know that sounds like a healthy mix of ambient techno bombs doesn't it?! Watch out for track 6. There doesn't get a much deeper and powerful melody is that. Epic. Tangerine Dream esque. Then track 7 ends the disk in a memorable way. System 7 almost.

I'm really diggng this ode to 1995 type futuristic ambient techno. This is like listening to a compilation of all the best producers in idm on one cd.

James synth work reminds me of Domnic Woosey.

James gives you want to hear. He makes it sound so easy. Nice music done by an excellent guy