Jan Peerce, George Frideric Handel*, The Vienna State Opera Orchestra* And The Vienna Academy Chorus* Conducted By Thomas Scherman, Martina Arroyo, Mary Davenport, David Smith, Lawrence Avery ‎– Judas Maccabaeus

3 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set


Judas Maccabaeus: A Sacred Drama
Part One
A1 Overture
A2 Chorus Of Israelites
Tenor And Soprano Recitative
A3 Tenor
A4 Soprano
A5 Tenor And Soprano Duet
A6 Chorus Of Israelites
A7 Mezzo-Soprano Aria
A8 Chorus Of Israelites
B1 Bass Recitative
B2 Bass Aria
B3 Chorus Of Israelites
B4 Tenor Recitative
B5 Tenor Aria
B6 Chorus Of Israelites
B7 Soprano Recitative
B8 Soprano Aria
B9 Tenor Recitative
B10 Tenor Aria
B11 Soprano And Tenor Duet
B12 Tenor Recitative
B13 Bass Recitative
B14 Chorus Of Israelites
Part Two
C1 Chorus Of Israelites
C2 Mezzo-Soprano Recitative
C3 Soprano And Mezzo-Soprano Duet
C4 Chorus Of Israelites
C5 Soprano Rectative
C6 Soprano Aria
C7 Mezzo-Soprano And Soprano Duet
C8 Chorus Of Israelites
C9 Tenor Recitative
C10 Tenor Aria
D1 Mezzo-Soprano Recitative
D2 Soprano Aria
D3 Chorus Of Israelites
D4 Bass Recitative
D5 Bass Aria
D6 Tenor Recitative
D7 Tenor Aria
D8 Chorus Of Israelites
D9 Bass Recitative
D10 Soprano And Mezzo-Soprano Duet
D11 Chorus Of Israelites
Part Three
E1 Mezzo-Soprano Aria
E2 Soprano Recitative
E3 Soprano Aria
E4 Bass Recitative
E5 Chorus Of Isrealitish Youths, Virgins, Men And Women
E6 March And Reprise Of The Chorus
F1 Tenor Recitative
F2 Tenor Aria
F3 Soprano And Mezzo-Soprano Duet
F4 Bass Aria
F5 Chorus Of Israelites