Jasun Martz ‎– The Pillory / The Battle



Battle 1 22:09
Battle 2 19:41
Battle 3 11:00
Battle 4 6:27
Battle 5 5:40
Battle 6 9:03
Battle 7 74:00

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UTA 061853 Jasun Martz The Pillory / The Battle(2xCD, Album) Under The Asphalt UTA 061853 US 2005 Sell This Version
UTA 06181953-07 Jasun Martz The Pillory / The Battle(2xCDr, Album, RE) Under The Asphalt UTA 06181953-07 US 2007 Sell This Version


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October 3, 2013
referencing The Pillory / The Battle, 2xCD, Album, UTA 061853

Astonishing! With this amazing cycle of orchestral-electronic compositions Jasun Martz has achived the promise offered by modern recording and synthesizing technology. Many other composers have used these technologies in their work, but seem to almost always fall short of achiving something of truely epic and splendid proportions. This is a soundscape of the future, but it never lapses into unalliviated racket on the one hand or boring "New Age"-y drones on the other. Martz always achieves the optimum balance and texture to convey his masterful sound structures, always leaving enough light and air in the work to allow it all to "breathe" and have a truly living presence. Superb and compelling throughout. Beautifully packaged (with design elements specially created for this release by Jean Dubuffet!) and a real bargain at the price of a single CD. Don't miss this one!

Anne-Marie Jenkins
Like nothing I have ever heard before... just AWESOME!
This is, without a doubt, the most treacherous CD I have ever heard... and I say that as the highest compliment! You just have to hear this music to believe it. I have never, ever heard sounds and music like this before. If you are adventurous, this CD is an absolute must have.

a great work for a great music, a very climatic music
25 years is the top age for human race ! for this CD it's the same, 25 years after the 1st opus! this is a real great and hard work with many different sources and influences A combination of quiet and loud times in alternation A great pleasure to ear it for the mind, for the body and for enlarge his own culture !!!

A groundbreaking industrial progressive symphony.
This is one challenging listen that blends stark sounds and anarchic arrangements with breathtaking orchestral beauty.

Epic! After searching twenty years for my own copy of this life altering work, my patience and diligence have been rewarded far beyond imagination.


Renato Glaessel
Great ambient/experimental/textural work
A great trip through various sensations,the work follow the same vein of your previous works,full of analog sounds, particullary mellotron,as acoustic sounds specially orchestral string sounds,a great avant guard sound.Very recomended.

Ralph Chapman
Fascinating, sublime, utterly its own. Astounding sprawling seven part epic that inhabits you from first listen. Dynamic and uncompromising, The Pillory/The Battle needs to be heard. Spread the word about this peerless work. And if you're into mellotron (among many, many, sublime sounds), get ready to have your toes curled.

Welcome To The Sound of Tomorrow
This is the most innovating and original music I've heard in a long time do yourself a favor and check out this fantastic work of art. Mark

Hot dang!
Where can I hear more of this Intercontinental Philharmonic Orchestra? Stunning chords, just stunning...

Music By Mail
From Orchestral to Ambient
25 years! That's what we had to wait to listen to Jasun's new opus. So what happened since "The Pillory" ? Well, we've been moved to a new scenario, happening long ago in the future .... The continents drifted away so much that we're close to their reunification ... stop it! Aah you want to hear about the music, right? Even more ambitious than the previous, 115 men orchestra with choir, plenty of weird instruments, sought after via annoucements for this very special project, mellos still pouring their nostalgy, big research on sound textures (the entire second CD is focusing on ambient sounds), power and richness of rhythms, classical violin soloing on top of this maelstrom and so many more details that you'll never be finished to discover new things before your CD gets eroded! So go and buy 2! One final critical note will bring this question: does the music lose some of its density when put so generously on a double CD, including 70mn + of pure ambient performance? Disproportion?

Ralph M. Chapman
At last, something worthwhile!
I got into Jasun's first release "The Pillory", last year. It was everything the reviews had said: "Brilliant", "Stunning", etc.
This new one I love even more. It's astounding, dynamic, challenging, riveting, impeccably produced, uncompromising, but never inpenetrable. If you're into contemporary classicists like Gavin Bryars or John Tavener, you'll dig it. If you're into definitive prog, it'll blow your mind. Once again, Jasun outdoes himself with his sublime mellotron work. Think of the great mellotron moments in music (Genesis-Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Yes-And You and I, all of Tim Christensen's Honeyburst cd) and increase it exponentially. If you love Zappa, Orff, Air, Boards Of Canada, there's something there, but this work is derivitive of nothing. I mention those artists just to give a vague point of reference. One of the things that astounds me about this work is how FRESH it is. Exactly what is needed (and virtually absent) in music today. Buy.

T. J. May "the searcher", Kansas City, MO
Wonderful mix of rock/avante guard/prog explorations
As the others have stated before me, this is quite amazing. It is also quite eclectic, yet molded into a fabulous cohesive work of art. Huge in nature, yet very personal.
The rock sections are perfectly fused into the overall modern classical nature of the music. Jasun seems so comfortable within all of the realms, and proves that inspiration can be perfectly mated with intelligence and education.

wanda in the uk
I have never, ever EVER heard any music and sounds like this before. The music literally grabs a hold of you and will not let go... I am mesmerized by this music!!! The sounds and noises are brutal and rumbling and amazing... the contemporary classical sections (for a huge, full symphony orchestra) remind me of Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps but MUCH wilder and intense... I think it is impossible to fully describe all that goes on in this music other than it is so quiet and then so LOUD and overall, SO stunning and even if you hate it you will know you just experienced something very, VERY important. I think this release will be talked about for centuries in university classes as a turning point in music development so you better give a listen so you know what the heck everyone is talking about!