Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert ‎– Moog Acid



Analog Generique
Dream 106
Frere Jacques
Ye Olde Beatbox
Vision For The Future
Messy Hop
White Knight (Black In The Day)
You Moog Me


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December 12, 2010
edited over 6 years ago
referencing Moog Acid, CD, Album, LCD64

While I have the greatest respect for Vibert and Mr Perrey, I feel this album sees luke in particular covering a lot familiar ground which he has already pretty much worn out.

Sure its full of catchy predictable Vibertesque melodies and it has a certain cheeky charm but there are way too many samples and sound bites used here which I've heard a million times by a multitude of Hip Hop and downtempo artist over the last 20 years, so there is really nothing new on offer here from Luke and Jean.

This is a rather safe and cliched collection of Moog inspired cut and paste jams with a certain pop/cheesy vibe, so if you want to hear a Moog rendition of "Three Blind Mice" this could be the album for you..



July 25, 2010
referencing Moog Acid, CD, Album, LCD64

One of Juicy Luke Vibert's newer releases has Juicy Luke up to his usual tricks on Moog Acid, in which it seems he is paying his ultimate respect to one of the old-school legends of electronic music composition. It proves a theory that transcends time - that when one respects the past the future is colored by the past in new ways that defy simply copying the stuff that's already been done. Too many objects in our modern world are relying on copycatting - just look at retro American cars. Is that a '68 Mustang or a 2008 Mustang? A '70 Challenger R/T or a 2010 Challenger R/T? Vibert does not simply replicate what's already been done, he takes elements of the old school and really adds a fresh new twist to the ideals of what Jean-Jacques Perrey was doing in 1968. Vibert is the best musician to emerge in decades, hands down. Luke Vibert knows melody and adds a sing-songy approach to songs without resorting to strictly rhythm and ripped-off melody lines from over-played '80s songs. He simply dominates the scene when it comes to writing and producing fresh new music without ripping off over-used ideas. Vibert is the BEST! He has been since 1993 when Vibert/Simmonds - Weirs came along. College listening. DO check this out! And please LEARN from it!