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Oxygene (Part 14) 5:28
Oxygene (Part 15) 6:40
Oxygene (Part 16) 6:56
Oxygene (Part 17) 4:20
Oxygene (Part 18) 2:48
Oxygene (Part 19) 5:45
Oxygene (Part 20) 7:59

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
88985361881 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(LP, Album, Tra) Columbia, Sony Music 88985361881 Europe 2016 Sell This Version
none Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Sony Music Catalog none Europe 2016
88985361882 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album) Sony Music, Columbia 88985361882 Australia 2016 Sell This Version
88985361882 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album) Columbia, Sony Music 88985361882 US 2016 Sell This Version
88985361882 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album) Columbia, Sony Music 88985361882 Europe 2016 Sell This Version
8898 536188-2 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album) Columbia, Sony Music 8898 536188-2 Argentina 2016 Sell This Version
88985396182 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album) Columbia, Sony Music, Warner Music Russia 88985396182 Russia 2016 Sell This Version
8898 536188-2 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album, Promo) Columbia, Sony Music 8898 536188-2 Argentina 2016 Sell This Version
88985361882 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene 3(CD, Album, Unofficial) Sony Music (2), Columbia (2) 88985361882 Russia 2016 Sell This Version


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July 16, 2017
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881
Is this the release that was signed by him? Figured an autographed copy would go for a bit more. Guess I was wrong.


June 17, 2017
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881
is it just me or is the eq a bit dull? listening on neutral studio monitors and the treble needs boosting, the image seems compressed... is it a stylistic choice for the production or am i just a conditioned ear? (i have all 3 formats), love the music


March 22, 2017
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881
Oxygene 3 is an modern and great end from all Oxygene-Parts. At the beginning i don`t like all parts of the "new and final one", but i have listined to it many times and now i love all tracks. The album has great sounds, new and old ones and the last track is very scary - HERE IS THE END OF THE WORLD - ALL IS BURNING


March 1, 2017
referencing Oxygene 3, CD, Album, 88985361882

I'd like to express much gratitude for making a new Oxygene and I just don't want to
hear about different point of views that it's his weaker or weakest album than two other Oxygenes partly.
To analyze each part of Oxygene 3 isn't for me at all.
The main thing - it is a big gift for all JMJ fans. This CD album is a long waiting for anyone and
hardly could someone disagree with it.
Surely it's sometimes quite unusual to listen to but I can't just understand why talk about this Oxygene and find its disadavntages.
As a long time JMJ fan, in my opinion, I'd probably underline remarkable Oxygene 17 but it's not so important for me personally.
I can only thank JMJarre for all his enourmous efforts and I wish that he could make all of us enjoy his superb music and compose further works which I hope will be released in the near future.


December 16, 2016
edited 10 months ago
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881
One thing 99.9% of people don't realize is that this album, like all Oxygene albums, were done in a six week period. The idea of the series is; what can be accomplished in a short period of time. That's why the albums are not perfect. There's a deadline and that's it. I have to agree that the first one is a classic that changed the face of music, second is only a mediocre echo of the original and this third one is electronica synth-pop lacking of really good ideas. Jarre is just being Jarre here in a mad rapid compositional rush playing with all the electronic and computerized toys he might lay his hands on. Too much technology and software I suppose and too little time to make sense of it. I wonder why Jarre ever started to emulate the younger folks. Did he feel inferior all of a sudden. He should have stayed true to his own style. By the way I very much liked Metamorphoses and hoped Jarre would have continued that road instead of this electronica noise. Get Sessions 2000 instead of Oxygene 3 atleast it's original and interesting. Or get the Electronica series, there's a lot of good tunes on those disks thanks to collaborations with other musicians that bring fresh ideas. I will still give this 3.5/5. I actually dig this somewhat but I feel like it is a sell-out riding on the old fame of Oxygene.


December 13, 2016
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881

I love it and the sound of the Vinyl is absolute amaaaazing!!!


December 9, 2016
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881
Oxygene 3 is clearly an effort to survive in our world of uncertainties. It mixes sounds from a long gone past when electronic music was the new discovery, patterns commonly found in today's production and the lack of a clear musical direction that we're unfortunately hearing everyday, everywhere. But this effort does deserve to be played at least twice.

In my opinion, people here commenting that it's a bad album are quite missing the point of Jarre's journey. He started in the space age of the post-prog 70s with a groundbreaking album that was full of elements and techniques of its time – but then abandoned that sound when the technology shifted to samplers (Zoolook) and digital synths (think about the roland d50 in Révolutions) – and then abandoned it again in the early 90s during the european trance/techno boom. Oxygene 2 stands for that era. And so on.

What 2016 offers us? A chaos of endless possibilities, made of real analog synth reissues, digital hardware emulations, tons and tons of softwares. Don't expect a groundbreaking album as Oxygene 1 today, because there's no groundbreaking technology to allow for such a thing. Jarre is actually remaining true to its roots: Electronica is a proof of its will to be constantly updated with the zeitgeist. But without a new technological push in synthesizer's market, don't keep waiting for a new Tangerine Dream to appear.

So don't blame Jarre if the last big thing Moog made was the Memorymoog. At least we get to hear the Digisequencer again on this album, which is always nice!


December 4, 2016
referencing Oxygene 3, LP, Album, Tra, 88985361881

so it's over. forty years later (and in the making). this release is an effortless bore of unengaging synth-pop. nothing to hear here but the same ol' mediocrity....


December 2, 2016
edited 11 months ago
referencing Oxygene 3, CD, Album, 88985361882
First of all, I am a long time Jarre fan and I must say I was anxious about this release.

Jarre delivered probably his best song since Oxygene 8, which is Oxygene 17 and it is perfect.
But my fears came true when I heard the entire album. It's just not up to the level of O1 and O2.
It's more unnecessarily minimalist than the previous Oxygene albums, and further displaced from the initial proposal.

If I'm not wrong, I take that Jarre used 8 bit sound elements that can be easily recognized in SH Music / LukHash polish musician. It's funny how LukHash might have inspired Jarre, and of course, the other way around, in the past. Those elements can be heard in Parts 14 and 16. There is also the presence of, to this point and time, the now fatiguing and beaten to death laser harp from Rendez-Vous era, and a clear nuance of Equinoxe Parts 4 or 7, on Oxygene Part 19. Jarre could have avoided that, specially when he was coming fresh from Electronica project, in which he used those instruments again.

Another surprise that caught me was a similiar "Concerts in China" event replay, when Oxygene Part 4 is played on a radio broadcast, after track "Laser Harp" is finished - and here we have Oxygene Part 6 emerging for a minute or so in Oxygene Part 20. When I was reminded of Oxygene Part 6 unique beauty, I realized this album failed to deliver.

Perhaps it will grow with many listens, but it's not straightforward stunning like Oxygene (1976), and not even close to the elaboration made in Oxygene 7-13, specially Parts 7, 8, 10 and 13 that have their own standing "Oxygene" identity. Nevertheless, Oxygene 3 is a fan must-have. Mediocre record or not, I really thank Jarre for this effort. I could not die without listening to Oxygene Part 17. Part 17 is a remarkable piece of work decades worth waiting .

The mastering is done by Dave Dadwater, the person who was in charge for the last Jarre Sony remasters. It's not that bad because this album is brand new, but comparing to what he remastered, I think the old 1980-1990 CDs were just fine and are much better. He just worked on to compress and apply more EQ where it shouldn't exist in the previous reissues - managing to completely destroy "Chronology" sonically speaking.