Orchestra Version
Loop Transit 1
Loop Transit 2
Loop Transit 3
Loop Transit 4
Loop Transit 5
Loop Transit 6
Loop Transit 7
Loop Transit 8
Original Sketches
Mercury 3:55
Venus 4:17
Earth 3:46
Mars 4:52
Jupiter 3:11
Saturn 5:02
Uranus 4:34
Neptune 4:20
Pluto 4:59


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March 7, 2018
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073
Just picked up in a sale for £64 with free shipping, nice.


August 16, 2017
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073
300 more in pre-order for September 2017, see Axis Shop


July 12, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Planets, 2xCD, Album, AXCD051

Honestly i don't enjoy when Jeff Mills goes mixing his electronic music with classic music, its not a good marriage in this case, so the cd 1 should have been released apart. Now as for the cd 2, that's the one i really enjoy alot , its very melodic, and that's what i love about Jeff mills music, its when he bets more on classic melodies, listening to this Cd 2 as i watch a black & white mute movie from the early 20th is a perfect , satisfying and hypnotic combination. Tracks "Jupiter" and "Uranus" are my favorite.
It would have been better if the cd 2 had more tracks or more time of music.


July 11, 2017
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073
I hate how bad I want this. I feel like a total sucker.


June 19, 2017
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073

Don't have time for a review but this release is outstanding and it is an important milestone in his career - for me he is the Miles Davis of Techno. I would have loved if Planets would have come on 10" discs though... but super-fancy package!


June 18, 2017
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073

Just a correction to my review below. Unlike the Holst original composition the title of Jeff Mills' album is of course just "Planets".


June 17, 2017
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073

The previous review is well respected but another view may also be added to this release's own little playground...

Personally I think no individual work that has proved essential to the worldwide development of music can really outdate, may it refer to groundbreaking folk or dance tunes from wherever in human history, baroque or symphonic composition, Blues, Jazz or any other style of comparable dimension. Each direction has always found it's best musicians and composers who drove things forward with inspiration, passion and emotion. Luckily many of them are remembered for giving their initial ideas to music as a permanent source of growth. No matter how one may look at Gustav Holst who wasn't much interested in popularity himself. He turned out to be almost forgotten for decades but reportedly didn't mind this at all. Nevertheless, he left lots of timeless quality and fire surviving in his music to nowadays inspire a master of contemporary electronica like Jeff Mills.

In my humble opinion "The Planets" can range well among the original Detroit musician's more outstanding projects. In a regular flow of album releases during recent years most of those have added thematically related or otherwise similar variations to Jeff Mills' specific but well established body of work. This album also doesn't mark a vertical breakout to new forms but is very convincing in it's offering of internal balance and well dosed musical suspense. As the double CD set is divided by disc in an orchestral and electronic string of compositions, there is much charm and logic to the idea of also spreading it over a vinyl box set that would musically and visually incorporate the nine planets. That's why rather than any LP format a large 7"set is perfectly chosen here, from outfit to content. To me the contrast between "classical" and electronic version is a very stimulating listen as every "planet" has it's own classic and electronic part shared on one disc. Also, the necessary act of having to turn sides around can each time reload some special awareness for the music and serve for a stronger impact of each track as an individual component of this nine-disc-concept. Probably for laziness I rarely play Singles but it can easily be re-discovered and always recommended as a subtle listening experience, especially in times of borderless streams of digital music that might change the mainstream of musical perception in many ways.

If it comes to production costs "The Planets" box set must have summed up to some bigger amount as it has been published in a very small edition using just extras from the pressing plant and a canvas box with gold printing just on top of that. However, for any good reason or not, the finished box set is in fact very expensive but should allow some profit for the artist as long as a reasonable balance with the initial costs is kept. Who knows but up to that point Jeff Mills had always set up adequate pricing for his previous work so I suppose some pretty high manufacturing price had rather to be covered here.

In terms of conception the vinyl version of "The Planets" appears more convincing to me than most expensive "Fan Box"-Sets blown up with cheap bonus stuff and sold in five-digit numbers by the record industry. As a sound carrier it's design may be considered to move along a thin line between creating an ambitious art object or just building a scientific looking audio-toy. However, the result is all romantic. Many "gimmick" editions quickly lose on their sensational first look but this one grows on me for it's clever simplicity and for being an effective companion to it's musical structure and content. The sound quality of the picture discs also proves to be much better than a moderate warning from Axis Records suggests. If I had anything critical to add I really would have wished for a bigger edition to supply it more affordably and with longer access to dedicated fans. Anybody interested who might have to miss out on this one should not be forced to pay future astronomic prices on crazed collector's market offers. Axis should do some more instead! And as a suggestion to them - a black vinyl version with planet logos might also satisfy for cheaper prices and guaranteed best analogue audio.


June 14, 2017
referencing Planets, 9x7", Pic + Box, Ltd, AX073
Nothing justifies the retail price of this. Neither the art nor the music. You'd better spend £2 on one of the myriads of versions of Holst's Planets if you really like this dated piece of classical.