Jerry Lee Lewis ‎– The Sun Years

Sun (9) ‎– SUN 102, Sun (9) ‎– SUN BOX 102
12 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Box Set

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Record 1: Dixie (1956)
A1 End Of The Road (A) 1:47
A2 Crazy Arms (A)
Written-By – Charles Seals*, Ralph Mooney
A3 You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) (D) 2:37
A4 Born To Lose (C)
Written-By – Frankie Brown (2)
A5 Tomorrow Night (C)
Written-By – Sam Coslow, Will Grosz*
A6 Silver Threads (Amongst The Gold) (C) 2:04
A7 I'm Throwing Rice (C)
Written-By – Ed Nelson*, Eddy Arnold, Steve Nelson (4)
A8 I Love You So Much It Hurts (C)
Written-By – Floyd Tillman
A9 Deep Elem Blues (C)
Written-By – Bob Attlesey, Joe Attlesey
B1 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (C)
Written-By – James A. Bland
B2 The Crawdad Song (C) 1:48
B3 Dixie (Instr.) (C)
Written-By – Daniel Decatur Emmett
B4 The Marines' Hymn (Instr.) (C) 2:24
B5 Goodnight Irene (D) 2:59
B6 Goodnight Irene (D) 3:02
B7 Will The Circle Be Unbroken (C)
Written-By – A.P. Carter*
B8 Old Time Religion (D) 1:52
B9 When The Saints Go Marching In (B) 2:08
Record 2: Whole Lotta' Shakin' (January/February 1957)
C1 Turn Around (A)
Written-By – Carl Perkins
C2 That Lucky Old Sun (C)
Written By – Gillespie/Smith
C3 I Love You Because (D)
Written-By – Leon Payne
C4 I Can't Help It (C) 2:52
C5 Cold, Cold Heart (D) 3:05
C6 Shame On You (C)
Written-By – Lawrence Welk, Red Foley
C7 I'll Keep On Loving You (C)
Written-By – Floyd Tillman
C8 You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) (C) 2:21
C9 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (D) 2:41
D1 Ole Pal Of Yesterday (D) 2:36
D2 It'll Be Me (D) 2:27
D3 Pumpin' Piano Rock (C) 2:03
D4 You Win Again (D) 2:05
D5 Love Letters In The Sand (E)
Written-By – Chas. Kenny*, J. Fred Coots, Nick Kenny
D6 Little Green Valley (D)
Written-By – Carson Robison
D7 It'll Be Me (D) 3:45
D8 It'll Be Me (A) 2:44
D9 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (A) 2:52
Record 3: Lewis Boogie (Summer 1957)
E1 Lewis Boogie (D) 1:57
E2 It'll Be Me (A) 2:12
E3 All Night Long (D) 2:00
E4 Sixty Minute Man (D)
Written-By – Billy Ward (2), Rose Marks
E5 I Don't Love Nobody (C) 2:08
E6 My Carolina Sunshine Girl (C) 1:51
E7 Long Gone Lonesome Blues (C) 2:02
E8 You Are My Sunshine (C)
Written-By – Jimmie Davis
E9 Lewis Boogie (A) 1:58
F1 Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (C)
Written-By – J. Mayo Williams, Stick McGhee
F2 Honey Hush (C)
Written-By – Lou Willie Turner
F3 Singing The Blues (C)
Written-By – Melvin Endsley
F4 Rockin' With Red (E)
Written-By – Willie L. Perryman
F5 Matchbox (B) 1:42
F6 Matchbox (D) 1:49
F7 Ubangi Stomp (A)
Written-By – Charles Underwood
F8 Rock 'N' Roll Ruby (C)
Written-By – Johnny Cash
F9 So Long, I'm Gone (C) 2:11
Record 4: Balls Of Fire (September 1957 To January 1958)
G1 Ooby Dooby (D)
Written-By – Dick Penner, Wade Moore
G2 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (D) 3:08
G3 You Win Again (B) 2:53
G4 I'm Feeling Sorry (D) 2:34
G5 I'm Feeling Sorry (A) 2:39
G6 Mean Woman Blues (A)
Written-By – Claude Demetrius
G7 Why Should I Cry Over You (E)
Written-By – Jimmie Smith (2)
G8 Great Balls Of Fire (D) 5:52
H1 Great Balls Of Fire (D) 2:58
H2 Great Balls Of Fire (A) 2:03
H3 You Win Again (A) 2:55
H4 Cool Cool Ways (Sexy Ways) (C)
Written-By – Hank Ballard
H5 Milkshake Mademoiselle (D) 2:22
H6 Down The Line (D) 2:54
H7 I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry (E)
Written-By – Wanda Ballman
H8 Down The Line (D) 2:02
Record 5: Good Rockin' Tonight (January To March 1958)
I1 Milkshake Mademoiselle (D) 2:24
I2 Milkshake Mademoiselle (D) 2:41
I3 Breathless (D) 2:34
I4 Down The Line (A) 2:12
I5 Breathless (A) 2:41
I6 High School Confidential (D) 2:29
I7 High School Confidential (D) 2:42
I8 High School Confidential (D) 2:43
J1 Good Rockin' Tonight (D)
Written-By – Roy Brown
J2 Pink Pedal Pushers (C)
Written-By – Carl Perkins
J3 Jailhouse Rock (C)
Written-By – Leiber & Stoller
J4 Hound Dog (C)
Written-By – Leiber & Stoller
J5 Don't Be Cruel (A) 1:58
J6 Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (C)
Written-By – Jimmie Hodges
J7 Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (A) 1:58
J8 Friday Night (C)
Written-By – James G. Liddle
J9 Big Legged Woman (C) 2:24
Record 6: Wild One (March/April 1958)
K1 Hello Hello Baby (A) 3:22
K2 Frankie And Johnny (A) 2:32
K3 It All Depends (On Who Will Buy The Wine) (B)
Written-By – Billy Mize
K4 Your Cheatin' Heart (C) 2:10
K5 Lovesick Blues (C)
Written-By – Cliff Friend, Irving Mills
K6 Goodnight Irene (A) 2:52
K7 Matchbox (A) 1:42
K8 Put Me Down (D) 2:21
K9 Fools Like Me (B)
Written-By – Murphy Maddux
L1 Wild One (Real Wild Child) (C)
Written-By – David Owens (2), John Greenan, Johnny O'Keefe
L2 Carrying On (Sexy Ways) (C)
Written-By – Hank Ballard
L3 Crazy Heart (D)
Written-By – Maurice Murray
L4 Put Me Down (D) 1:54
L5 Let The Good Times Roll (C)
Written-By – Fleecie Moore, Sam Theard
L6 Slippin' Around (C)
Written-By – Floyd Tillman
L7 I'll See You In My Dreams (Instr.) (E)
Written-By – Gus Kahn, Isham Jones
L8 Put Me Down (A) 2:09
L9 High School Confidential (B) 3:31
Record 7: Live And Let Live (May To November 1958)
M1 Memory Of You (E) 2:08
M2 Come What May (C)
Written-By – Frank Tableporter*
M3 Live And Let Live (E) 0:36
M4 Break Up (D) 2:24
M5 Crazy Heart (D)
Written-By – Maurice Murray
M6 I'll Make It All Up To You (D) 3:23
M7 Johnny B. Goode (D) 1:53
M8 Crazy Arms (D)
Written-By – Charles Seals*, Ralph Mooney
M9 Break Up (D) 2:39
N1 The Return Of Jerry Lee (A)
Narrator – George KleinNarrator, Producer – Jack Clement
N2 Settin' The Woods On Fire (D)
Written-By – Ken Nelson (2)
N3 Break Up (D) 2:29
N4 Johnny B. Goode (C) 2:39
N5 Break Up (A) 2:37
N6 I'll Make It All Up To You (B) 3:03
N7 I'll Make It (Overdub Excerpt) (D) 1:49
N8 I'll Make It All Up To You (A) 3:03
N9 Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (D)
Written-By – J. Mayo Williams, Stick McGhee
Record 8: It Hurt Me So (November 1958 To March 1959)
O1 I'll Sail My Ship Alone (D)
Written-By – Henry Bernard, Henry Thurston, Lois Mann, Morry Burns
O2 I'll Sail My Ship Alone (A)
Written-By – Henry Bernard, Henry Thurston, Lois Mann, Morry Burns
O3 It Hurt Me So (D)
Written-By – Bill Justis
O4 It Hurt Me So (D)
Written-By – Bill Justis
O5 You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) (D) 3:05
O6 Lovin' Up A Storm (D) 2:04
O7 Lovin' Up A Storm (A) 1:50
P1 Big Blon' Baby (A)
Written-By – Kenny Jacobson, Rhoda Roberts
P2 Sick And Tired (C)
Written-By – Chris Kenner
P3 (Just A Shanty In Old) Shanty Town (C)
Written-By – Joe Young (3), John Siros, Jack Little*
P4 Release Me (C)
Written-By – Dub Williams, Eddie Miller (3), Robert Young*, W.S. Stevenson
P5 I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You (D) 3:36
P6 Near You (Instr.) (C)
Written-By – Francis Craig, Kermit Goell
P7 I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You (A) 2:23
P8 Hillbilly Music (A)
Written-By – George Vaughn
Record 9: The Guilty One (March 1959 To January 1960)
Q1 My Blue Heaven (D)
Written-By – George Whiting, Walter Donaldson
Q2 My Blue Heaven (D)
Written-By – George Whiting, Walter Donaldson
Q3 Let's Talk About Us (D) 3:18
Q4 Home (A)
Written-By – Roger Miller
Q5 Night Train To Memphis (C)
Written-By – Beasley Smith, Marvin Hughes, Owen Bradley
Q6 The Ballad Of Billy Joe (A) 2:57
Q7 Let's Talk About Us (D) 2:02
Q8 Sail Away (C)
Vocals – Charlie Rich
Q9 Am I To Be The One (D)
Vocals – Charlie Rich
R1 I'm The Guilty One (E) 2:08
R2 Let's Talk About Us (A) 2:07
R3 Little Queenie (A) 2:23
R4 Lewis Workout (Instr.) (C) 3:11
R5 The Wild Side Of Life (C)
Written-By – Arlie Carter, William Warren
R6 Billy Boy (C) 2:17
R7 Mexicali Rose (C)
Written-By – Helen Stone, Jack Tenny*
R8 I Get The Blues When It Rains (Instr.) (A)
Written-By – Harry Stoddard, Marcy Klauser*
R9 In The Mood (Instr.) (A)
Written-By – Andy Razaf, Joe Garland
Record 10: What'd I Say (January 1960 To February 1961)
S1 Old Black Joe (A)
Backing Vocals – The Gene Lowery SingersWritten-By – Stephen Foster
S2 Baby, Baby, Bye, Bye (A)
Backing Vocals – The Gene Lowery SingersWritten By – Lewis/Smith
S3 As Long As I Live (A)
Written-By – Dorsey Burnette
S4 Bonnie B (A)
Written-By – Charles Underwood
S5 What'd I Say (D)
Written-By – Ray Charles
S6 C.C. Rider (C) 2:36
S7 Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes (A) 2:33
S8 John Henry (A) 2:30
S9 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (C)
Written-By – Gene Sullivan, Wiley Walker
T1 When I Get Paid (A)
Piano – Larry MuhoberacWritten-By – Henry Sledd, York Wilburn
T2 Love Made A Fool Of Me (A)
Piano – Larry MuhoberacWritten-By – Henry Sledd, York Wilburn
T3 No More Than I Get (C)
Piano – Larry Muhoberac
T4 My Bonnie (C)
Written-By – Charles E. Pratt
T5 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (C) 2:11
T6 Cold, Cold Heart (A) 3:04
T7 Livin', Lovin' Wreck (A) 2:01
T8 What'd I Say (A)
Written-By – Ray Charles
Record 11: Won't Happen With Me (June 1961 To June 1962)
U1 It Won't Happen With Me (A)
Written-By – Raymond Evans*
U2 C.C. Rider (D) 2:22
U3 I Love You Because (C)
Written-By – Leon Payne
U4 Save The Last Dance For Me (A)
Written-By – Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman
U5 Hello Josephine (My Girl Josephine) (A)
Written-By – Fats Domino
U6 High Powered Woman (C)
Written-By – Sonny Terry
U7 Ramblin' Rose (D)
Written-By – Fred Burch, Marijohn Wilkin
U8 Rockin' The Boat Of Love (C)
Written-By – Carl Mann
U9 Money (A)
Written-By – Berry Gordy Jr.*, Janie Bradford
V1 I've Been Twistin' (D)
Written-By – Herman Parker Jr.*
V2 Whole Lotta Twistin' Goin' On (D) 3:18
V3 High Powered Woman (C)
Written-By – Sonny Terry
V4 I Know What It Means (D) 2:38
V5 Sweet Little Sixteen (A) 2:54
V6 Sweet Little Sixteen (C) 2:28
V7 Hello Josephine (My Girl Josephine) (C)
Written-By – Fats Domino
V8 Set My Mind At Ease (C)
Written-By – Red West
V9 Waiting For A Train (C) 1:51
Record 12: Can't Seem To Say Goodbye (June 1962 To August 1963)
W1 Waiting For A Train (C) 1:39
W2 Good Rockin' Tonight (C)
Written-By – Roy Brown
W3 Be Bop A Lula (C)
Written-By – Gene Vincent, Tex Davis*
W4 How's My Ex Treating You (A)
Written-By – Vic McAlpin
W5 Good Golly Miss Molly (A)
Written-By – John Marascalco, Robert Blackwell
W6 I Can't Trust Me (In Your Arms Anymore) (A)
Backing Vocals – Linda Gail LewisWritten-By – Tommy Certain, Vic McAlpin
W7 My Pretty Quadroon (C) 2:53
W8 Seasons Of My Heart (A)
Vocals – Linda Gail LewisWritten-By – Darrell Edwards, George Jones (2)
W9 Teenage Letter (A)
Written-By – Renald Richard
X1 Your Lovin' Ways (C)
Written-By – Alton Harkins, Robert Chilkin
X2 Just Who Is To Blame (C) 2:34
X3 Just Who Is To Blame (C) 2:19
X4 Hong Kong Blues (C)
Written-By – Hoagy Carmichael
X5 Love On Broadway (C)
Written-By – Ronnie Self
X6 One Minute Past Eternity (C)
Written-By – Bill Taylor (5)
X7 Invitation To Your Party (C)
Written-By – Bill Taylor (5)
X8 I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye (C)
Written-By – Don Robertson (2)
X9 Carry Me Back To Old Virginia (A) 2:23

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Catalog Number: SUN 102 on box spine, SUN BOX 102 on labels.

Comes in a box; cover opens to the left.
Comes with a 36-page, LP-size booklet with introduction by Sam C. Phillips, sessionography and discography of Lewis' Sun recordings, biography, photos, and other information.
Each LP sleeve has a photo on one side and a detailed, track-by-track analysis for that LP on the other.


The 209 recordings in this set are coded on this box as follows:
- A: 57 tracks (27%) - as mastered and first issued between 1956-1965 by Sam C. Phillips' original Sun Records Co.;
- B: 7 tracks (3.5%) - previously unissued raw tracks of recordings that were issued on original Sun with overdubbed vocal/instrumental accompaniment;
- C: 77 tracks (37%) - first issued after the Sun catalogue was bought by Shelby S. Singleton in 1969. Many of tracks, only previously issued in simulated stereo, are first issued here in original mono;
- D: 60 tracks (28.5%) - previously unissued alternative takes of previously issued titles;
- E: 8 tracks (4%) - previously unissued titles.

A2. Single master (version 1).
A3. Version 1, take 2.
A9. LP master (take 2).
B5. Take 2.
B6. Take 4.
B8. Take 1.
B9. Undubbed.
C3. Version 1.
C4. Version 1.
C5. Version 1.
C8. LP master (version 3, take 4).
C9. Version 1, take 1.
D1. Take 3.
D2. Version 1, take 1.
D4. Version 1, take 2.
D6. Take 1.
D7. Version 1: 3 false starts & take 1.
D8. Single master (take 5).
D9. Single master (version 2).
E1. Take 1.
E2. LP & EP master (version 2, take 3).
E3. Take 1.
E4. Take 2.
E5. Take 2.
E8. False start & take 2.
E9. Single master (take 2).
F1. LP master (version 1).
F4. With false start to "Keep Your Hands Off Of It" & chatter.
F5. Take 1.
F6. Take 2.
G1. Take 2.
G2. Version 1: 3 false starts, chatter & take 2.
G3. Undubbed master (version 2).
G4. Take 9.
G5. EP master (take 11).
G8. Religious discussion & take 4.
H1. Two false starts, chatter & take 12.
H2. Chatter & take 14.
H3. Single master (version 2).
H4. With speech, false start & chatter.
H5. Chatter (2 phrases) & take 1.
H6. Two false starts, chatter & take 2.
H8. Take 5.
I1. False start, chatter & take 2.
I2. Five false starts, chatter & take 4.
I3. Version 1, take 4.
I4. Single master (take 8).
I5. Single master (version 2, take 4).
I6. Version 1, take 2.
I7. Version 1, take 4.
I8. Version 1: 2 false starts, chatter & take 5.
J1. Version 1.
J4. Version 1.
K3. Undubbed LP & EP master.
K4. LP master (version 1).
K6. LP & EP master (take 3 overdubbed).
K7. LP & EP master (take 1 overdubbed).
K8. Version 1, take 3.
K9. Three false starts & take 1.
L1. Take 2.
L2. Take 3.
L3. Version 1: false start, chatter & take 1.
L4. Version 2, take 1.
L6. With false start & chatter.
L7. With false start & chatter.
L8. LP & EP master (version 2, take 4).
L9. Version 2: 3 false starts, 2 chatters & take 3.
M4. Version 1: chatter & take 2.
M5. Version 2 with chatter & chord.
M6. Version 1: 2 false starts & take 2.
M7. Version 1.
M8. Version 2 with chatter.
M9. False start to "Settin' The Woods On Fire", chatter & take 4 of version 1.
N2. LP master (overdub variant 1).
N3. Version 2: chatter & unknown take B (from takes 5, 8, 9 & 10).
N4. LP master (version 2).
N5. Single master (version 2, take 12).
N6. Undubbed single master (version 2, take 8).
N7. Version 1: overdubbed incomplete take 2 broken by chatter.
N8. Single master (version 2, take 8 overdubbed).
N9. Version 2: chatter, chords & take 2.
O1. Chatter & take 4.
O2. Single master (take 5).
O3. Tune, long chatter (1:36) & take 1.
O4. Chatter, chords & take 2.
O5. Version 3: 3 false starts, chatter, chord & take 1.
O6. Chatter, false start & take 4.
O7. Single master (take 6).
P5. Chatter, 4 false starts & take 4.
P6. Long false start (1:09) & take 1.
P7. Single master (take 5).
Q1. Version 1, take 1.
Q2. Version 1: chatter & take 3.
Q3. Version 1: 2 false starts, chatter & take 5.
Q7. Version 2, take 6.
Q8. Take 1.
Q9. Chatter, 3 false starts & take 3.
R2. Single master (version 2, take 5 overdubbed by female vocal chorus).
R4. Mono.
R5. Mono.
R6. Mono.
R7. Part 2 (fast).
R8. Single master (take 2).
R9. Single master (take 2).
S1. Single master (take 9 overdubbed).
S2. Single master (take 9 overdubbed).
S3. Single master (take 9).
S4. Single master (take 6).
S5. Version 2 mono.
S6. LP master (version 1) with slightly extended fade out, stereo.
S7. Stereo.
S8. Slightly extended fade out, stereo.
S9. Take 2 mono.
T1. Single master mono.
T2. Mono.
T3. Mono.
T4. Mono.
T5. Version 2.
T6. Single master (version 2 mono).
T7. Mono.
T8. Version 3 mono.
U1. Take 1.
U2. Version 2 mono.
U3. Version 2 mono.
U4. Mono.
U5. Sun LP-1265 master (version 1 mono).
U6. Sun LP-1000 master (version 1), stereo.
U7. Take 3.
U8. Mono.
U9. Single master mono.
V1. HAS.8323 master (take 4 mono).
V2. Take 2 mono.
V3. Sun CR 300006 master (version 2 mono).
V4. I Know What It Means 2:40
V5. Single master (version 2, take 4 mono).
V6. LP master (version 2, take 1 stereo).
V7. Sun LP-107 master (version 2 stereo).
V8. Take 1 mono.
V9. Sun LP-1003 master (version 1, take 1 mono).
W1. Sun 1119 1st printing & Sun LP-121 master (version 1, take 2 mono).
W2. LP master (version 2) mono.
W3. Mono.
W4. Single master (take 1 mono).
W5. Single master (take 2 mono).
W6. Single master (take 1 mono).
W7. Mono.
W8. Single master (mono).
W9. Single master (mono).
X1. Single master (mono).
X2. NY-6 master (take 1 mono).
X3. CR-300007 master (take 2 mono).
X4. CR-300002 master (take 1).
X5. Single master (mono).
X6. LP master (mono).
X7. Single master (take 1 mono).
X8. Single master (overdubbed mono with intro).
X9. Single master (take 5 overdubbed mono).