Jim Johnstone And His Band ‎– Heather Medley / Scottish Country Dancing

Music For Pleasure ‎– SMFP-8104, Music For Pleasure ‎– MFP A8104
Vinyl, LP, Stereo


A1 Set Of Jigs (4x32 Bars)
a Pet O' The Pipers
b The Cobblers
c The Maid On The Green
A2 Irish Waltz
- Aileen Alonna
A3 Da Tushker - Reel (4x32 Bars)
a Da Tushker
b The Wattle O't
c The Reconciliation
A4 Irish Barn Dance
a The Showman's Fancy
b The Humours Of California
c The Galway Hornpipe
A5 Miss Hadden's Reel (4x32 Bars)
a The Stone Court
b The Burned Potato
A6 Gay Gordons
a 51st Highland Division
b Far O'er The Sea
c The Bonnie Woods O' Craigelea
A7 Jessie's Hornpipe - Reel (4x32 Bars)
a The Ton
b Drumleys
c Goodnight And Joy Be With You
d Miss Campbell
B1 Roxburgh Castle - Reel (4x32 Bars)
a Roxburgh Castle
b Lass O' Paties Mill
c Far Frae Hame
d Waverley Steps
B2 Scottish Waltz
a Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden
b Bluebells Of Scotland
c A Hundred Pipers
B3 Dumbarton's Drums - Reel (4x32 Bars)
a Dumbarton's Drums
b The Piper's Cave
c The Blooms Of Bon Accord
B4 Military Two Step
a Jeannie McColl
b Scotsmen Every One
c The Waggle Of The Kilt
d It's Nice To Get Up In The Morning
B5 Campbell's Frolic - Jig (4x32 Bars)
a Campbell's Frolic
b Lord Cathcart
c The Weaver And His Wife
d Harvest Time
B6 Highland Scottische
a Orange And Blue
b John McAlpine
c The Lad Wi' The Plaidie
B7 Polka
- Royal Guards Polka
B8 The Swilcan - Jig (8x32 Bars)
a Gordon B. Cosh
b Christie MacLeod
c Donachd Head
d Jamie Rae