Job Finder And The Mental Cruelty ‎– Homunculus Construction In 42 Easy Lessons

Pumf Records And Tapes ‎– PUMF 294
Cassette, Album, C60


A1 Fated Chalice
A2 Blunderbuss
A3 Harp-On Valley P.C.P.
A4 Nasty Sting (For Roger C.)
A5 Devour The Flesh Of Ages
A6 Devil Man Killer, 666 Slayer, Iron Maiden
A7 Peace Found On Rossall Promenade, July 1996
A8 Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bike
A9 Welcome To Telewest High
A10 Interview With N.U.S. Womens' Officer
A11 The Nonce
A12 Vicker-Forecast Anthem
A13 Desolate Rainswept Continuum Of Dark Things
A14 A Heavy Night Down The Dinmore
A15 Rabbit Punch In The Pigeon Chest
A16 The Plump Mellow Yellow Smellow Melons Of Her Rump
A17 "My Friendship With Kieran Ended When He Showed Me His Ringpiece"
A18 Popacatapetl Was An Acidhead
A19 The Deaf Ear Hears All
A20 My Mother-In-Law's So Fat Etc.
A21 So Was Quetzalcoatl
A22 Dink-A Dink-A Doo (Frinkleheimer Chip)
A23 Brain Reeling From Eidetic Sexual Images Outside Food Giant
A24 Beware The Violet Realms
A25 Fry-Up (Jack Da House)
B1 (You The Listener Are An) Effete Knicker-Sniffing Nancy
B2 Twinkly Yellow Newcastle Lights
B3 By The Fireside (Ooh Yeah Baby)
B4 Grazing Robots, Spital Tongues
B5 Jung When Stoned - Neoteny Sober
B6 Tekeli-Li Yog Sothoth In Your Face
B7 We'll Have You Pissing Out Of Tubes
B8 Revenge Is Not The Password
B9 Moan Of Muck
B10 Ripcord, Heresy, Concrete Sox - Fuckin' Sellouts!
B11 Deviation, Hesitation, Repetition
B12 Scum's The Word (P.S. I Love You)
B13 Hold Back Time
B14 Dedicated To Roving Robo
B15 Terminal 84 Irby (Griff = Death)
B16 Hci Wouldn't Be Too Sure About That!)
B17 Music To Glop To


P & C July 1997. Original Cassette Issue.