Jobbykrust / Remission ‎– Split

Insane Society Records ‎– IS 022


A1 Jobbykrust Intro
A2 Jobbykrust Dim And Confused
A3 Jobbykrust The Eleventh Hour
A4 Jobbykrust The Illusion
A5 Jobbykrust Welcome To The Brawe New World
A6 Jobbykrust The Punk Scene
A7 Jobbykrust Scared
A8 Jobbykrust Revolution Of Thought
A9 Jobbykrust Fact Becomes Fiction
A10 Jobbykrust Declaration Of Independence
A11 Jobbykrust Punished
A12 Jobbykrust God Is Love
A13 Jobbykrust In The Shadow Of...
A14 Jobbykrust Caves
B1 Remission Typo
B2 Remission Placebo
B3 Remission Twenty Years Unfold
B4 Remission Feel The Neglect
B5 Remission Every Day
B6 Remission Beyond Your Pride
B7 Remission State Of Remission
B8 Remission Recycle The Free
B9 Remission Suffoculture
B10 Remission Lost Life
B11 Remission The Last Pledge
B12 Remission Nothing (Cover Of Negative Approch )
B13 Remission Fetus The Code
B14 Remission Ambitions
B15 Remission Compultions Of Futility
B16 Remission The Masses
B17 Remission One Nation
B18 Remission Only Regret


Jobbykrust Side Info :
Songs A1 - A10 Were Originally released As split LP With Viktors Hofnarren
Songs A11 - A14 Were Originally Released As Split 7"EP With Blurred Visions

Remission Side Info :
Songs B1 - B12 Were Originally Released As "Our Days Are Numbered" 12"LP
Songs B13 - B18 Were Originally Released As "Fetus The Code" 7"EP